weekly roundup – 16 August to 23 August

I noticed something… well.. for a while now. My readership has dropped a lot as compared to previous months. HAHA. But then I don’t write to attract high readership or to be famous. Although it would be very nice if I could have a career as a full time blogger who actually made money out of it, but this is not my reason. not now anyway. I wanted to write because I need to declutter my brain and I need to practice writing 😀 But anyway, here’s the boring updates of my boring life again!

I have been writing/typing/thinking about my strength and skills for the past week. I discovered a bit on myself and found an direction. I am not going to pursue it immediately as I am not quite sure if anyone would hire me without any decent experiences or portfolio. Although I did (bravely) applied for an job. But I doubt there would be any call. Anyway I realise my dream is still somewhere along writing. I have kept a blog for 15 years or so. (Although I keep changing the blog system – I blogged for a few years on this small/unknown site call Tabulas. Out of sudden, my blog entries was gone. I didn’t feel like staying anymore. So I moved to Live-journal. Somehow Live-Journal wasn’t working for me. Now I am at wordpress which I hope to stay a few good years? But I have learn that pen & paper is still the most trustable method of journaling :)) I feel like I am suit for copywriting although I know little about this line of profession. In my free time, I do a lot of creative works for myself so I feel that I have the creativity inside me! I am going to take a crash course on copywriting. But firstly I have some good news! I had a phone interview on a job opportunity. It is not something on copywriting/writing but very similar to what I am doing now. But it is with a creative firm. I am so excited for this opportunity because I am losing productivity at my current work. I want to do more! I would be talking to the director again in 2 weeks’ time…. and it is very positive!

I have a new television show to watch. New episodes are uploaded to the china’s video site, Youku at midnight. As a result of this, my schedule has been disrupted again. I tried watching the “live” television for a couple of days then the link somehow stop working. So I have to switch my schedule in order to watch them on Youku.  Honestly it is not really productivity at all. I missed 2 nights as I was too tired for anything else. I am hoping that I will adjust soon next week. Although I did make it up by doing whatever I can on weekdays. But productivity on weekday is still not there. After last week, I should start on working on the inventory for other stuffs. But I haven’t do anything! My track record for zero spending (on unwanted stuffs. excluding food) is nearly 2 weeks. I am hoping that I could keep this for at least a month! But it is definitely a huge change since previous month. I am just so happy that I am able to find a solution out of my struggling! I always know that changes is not easy. But I hate the struggling part and the guilty part (when I spend against what I wanted).… But it is now better 🙂

Shopping/In love with … snoopy
I started to receive what I have purchased last month…. My M&N bag (from ASOS) has not arrived. I keep thinking about it every other day or so!

I am not sure if I did mention but I am strangely in love with snoopy. Why is it so strange? I never like dogs. I hate them. I didn’t really watch peanuts cartoon or what. So it is strange. But anyway, I added some snoopy stuffs to my strange collection of all sort of cartoon character:

A Charlie Brown Christmas Snow Globe (Mega Mini Kit) – Book Depository
Peanuts Philosophers – Book Depository
Peanuts stationary set – ASOS
I love Ice Cream Snoopy pouch – Taobao.com
Peanuts Journal Set – ASOS
B5 Notebook – ASOS

iPhone 5S cover – aliexpress
Snoopy Fountain Pens – Taobao.com (Here’s a good review on this pen: http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/287408-my-very-first-pen-review-it-arrived/)
Snoopy x Cher tote bag – Taobao.com

That’s all I wanted to say for this week.


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