Reflection – My 8 months journey towards LIFE

I was looking at my past notebook/Planner/agenda/diary yesterday and I feel like a lot of things are changing. I decided to write on another reflection to chronicle my 8 months journey.

Less stuffs / Minimalism
Beginning of the year, I begin with one goal, one target and one new year resolution – Minimalism. I struggled at times. I didn’t keep to my one goal, one target and one new year resolution when making buying decision. It is a long journey which required lots of efforts and time. It is impossible to just throw everything away at one go! Well you could. But it would be wasting more money than what you intended to. I am not 100% there yet but I am working and making huge progress that I am proud of.

I begin by throwing things that I couldn’t throw away – e.g. memories with friends who are no longer in contact. I struggled with them previously as I strongly believed that they are a part of my life. But I soon realise that it is not my current life. It belong to the past and hence it should goes to the bin. After 2-3 rounds of decluttering, I am left with 2/3 of the stuffs that I used to have. My mum questioned me and I shared my belief with her. She is working towards this goal in her own way.

Then I begin working with my current stuffs. I begin throwing away things that I no longer use, clothes no longer fit me or look in fact ugly on me. It was a many months effort. I am still doing a little bit of decluttering here and there. But majority of them are clear now.

The last stage is to….keep to one item and to halt all purchases unless needed. This is the most difficult stage of all. It is easy to throw away stuffs but its not easy to keep to one item. It is very hard to halt all purchase unless needed. We live in the modern world where buying things is so easy – just a couple of clicks away.

Anyway I feel like having less stuffs, I am very organised and I am able to concentrate on current stuffs. I think everyone have a couple of situations like this… You buy something.. Then one day, you realise you have that thing at home. As a result, you have 2 of the same thing. Or you wanted to find something that you knew you have. But you couldn’t find it because it is somewhere and you just have two many things. Both situations can be easily resolved if you do not have so many stuffs! You spend time on your current stuffs to ensure that they are well-loved! You would not waste money as you would not need to spend to get another one again. (well until this one is completely worn out!). By having less things, you can organised easily. Being neat just feel so much beautiful. My room is completely different from last year. It is much neater, organised and beautiful. Lastly, by having less things, you feel less clutter and it boast productivity!

My personal situation – Well, I am trying to reduce my stuffs to ensure that I keep to magic number one. But then again, it is far more difficult than say. I am working towards it. As for halting the purchases, I am also working. From my last record, I have not spend on unnecessary stuffs for nearly 2 weeks. So it is a huge progress.

Management system
I was having problem with managing my spend and wish-list. I spend a lot and not knowing how much I spend and not sure if I am making the right buying decision. I tried writing down but it doesn’t work (not that well anyway). I have started a simple spreadsheet in google drive. With that, I can easily track my spending anywhere (at work, at home and on the go).

I have also started an inventory system using spreadsheet also. It is still ongoing but it definitely help to reduce my spending urge.

With the positive changes, I certainly hope that I would have a better life 🙂


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