weekly roundup – 9 August to 16 August

Again I must admit there is not much going on. I was offered an opportunity to discuss an career prospect but I turned it down as I am not sure if It is the right line for me. I am now trying to figure out my skills and strength by typing them into a spreadsheet documents. With that, I am hoping to figure out more about myself.

Lately I have also been changing my work productivity. Now in my line of work, there isn’t work everyday. So sometimes I feel like I am just too free. I was unhappy as I don’t enjoy sitting around and play with my mobile. This is not what I want in my life! So one day I told myself… I have to change! I chatted less (i have a couple of co-workers who likes to chat alot on our company chat). I started working more on my personal documents. Of course, the work that I am supposed to be doing always come first. It is not only a good way to “pass time” but its a good way to be more productive about my life too.

Minimalism & organisation
I have been busy working at this whenever I could. I lose some more stuffs this week. My mum tried to ask me to take back a bag that I have lose. I told her I will not take back anything that I have decided to lose.

Previously I was still struggling with minimalism. I couldn’t reach the stage that i wanted. But I am proudly to announce that I am more or less at the very last stage… well, for some stuffs anyway. 

Now I need to explain…last week I decided to put an inventory of what I owned into a spreadsheet. It is quite impossible to note down everything. So I decided to categorize them. I started with Shoes & Bags. Both of which I have been struggling with for the past few weeks or so. The quantities for them are not as much so they are easy to organise too. After taking down the inventory, I realise I indeed have way too much shoes & bags. Well according to my own minimalism concepts, I should only own 1 pair of shoes and 1 bag. Of course I couldn’t own just one bag/pair of shoes immediately. I could but I will be wasting a lot of money for throwing away stuffs that are usable. Then I figure out that I need to own a few pairs of shoes and bags. So I drew up a plan and breaking them into 3 months, 6 months etc. I listed down exactly how much I should have leave after 3 months, 6 months etc. With that plan in mind, of course I cannot buy any more things. So I haven’t been spending. Not on shoes, bags or clothes anyway!

I met up with a friend over the weekend. She was single for a long time and in a relationship. I envied her and pitied her at the same time. She is struggling with her new relationship. Frankly speaking, things are not looking too bright. Falling in love is easy (for some people anyway). Falling in love with the right person is hard. I cannot imagine if I am her. I couldn’t stand guys that demanding and do not care about your needs. oh well!


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