Weekly roundup – 1 August to 9 August

Time flies again – First week of August has gone by! It is our nation’s 50th birthday. So we get extended holiday! With the weekend, there is 4 days of holidays in total. Many people choose to fly off for the long weekend. I stayed in Singapore as I need to attend a friend’s wedding which happened on Saturday. I was going to fly off with family. But there is always next time…

Expectedly, I did not do anything that I am suppose to be doing! But I did talk to a couple of people… And I will figure out!!!

I should be catching up with my magazine subscription really soon… I’ll drop a To-Do in my planner to start doing this weekly or something! On the other hand, I started Pet Sematary by Stephen King. I am hoping to finish this by the end of the month. Again I am not really into target for this year so everything will be slow 🙂

I must admit that I never like Chinese wedding. They are a traditional part of our culture. But there is always too much food and socialising. But I did have a little fun in catching up with a couple of friends especially one who flew in especially!

Talking about wedding, I had a small chat with a friend and I asked her if she have started to think about her wedding. She say she will think about it when it is going to happen. Well, I disagreed about that part. All woman should think about their wedding no matter if it is happening or not 🙂 What is my dream wedding? Well, I am not a christian but I love church wedding. They are so romantic! I would never held any Chinese wedding lunch/dinner as it is pointless to me. Anyway who knows what will happen. I might just change my mind. But there is no harm in thinking and making plan.

I would be lying if I say I didn’t buy anything. 😉 But there is nothing much to be discussed at the moment…. except for the fact that my Matt & Nat bag (From ASOS NOT from M&N) is shipped! I am super excited and cannot wait to do an review. In the meantime, i am looking at ways to reduce the quantities of my bags!

Minimalism, Organisation
I made great progress this week.
– Originally I started a spreadsheet in Google Drive as I wanted to calculate the discount for something that I would be getting. Over the past few days, I have been slowly adding data into the spreadsheet. Finally by last Friday, I have the core template of what I wanted to achieve. I am now recording my spend – both online & retail and my wish list (stuffs I wanted to get) in the spreadsheet. Previously, I went ahead to make some purchase without entering the data into the document. But with the core template in place, I am hoping that this will change! I must always remember my minimalism goal!
– With the wish list in place, I really hope that I could control my spending and really think before buying. I do think (more than previous) but I feel that it is not enough.
– After weeks of procrastinating, I finally got rid of some expired coffee & tea!
– After careful consideration, I decided to separate my working space into two area. Previously I was facing a problem with space. My current table is much smaller and it is enough for my laptop and some stuffs. But for my planner, it is definitely too small. So I have devoted another area for writing and planning. With this changes, I hope that I can make full use of my planner and make it look better.
– I got rid of my incoming/outgoing tray. It was a place to store things and never remove them.


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