The Paper Stone

The Paper Stone is a local stationary store which hasn’t been around for a long time but they sure have attracted attention of stationary lovers like me!

From their website:
“The Paper Stone was created out of a love for quality paper goods that feature the liveliest and cheeriest designs and illustrations.”

They have about 10 stores in town! While they may not be the cheapest, but they do have cute and beautiful designs which makes you wanted to go back again and again. It is also a good place to look for unique stationary when you do not have budget for Etsy-like places. Unlike Typo – the other place to look for cute stationary, The Paper Stone have unique design which is probably designed by themselves! I don’t see their designs anywhere else. I haven’t managed to purchase anything from there before as I do not need those notebook/journal/exercise book. I do admit that I have been eyeing at their stuffs for a long time. While their main target audience should be for teenager and children, their designs are also suitable for adult. Nobody say only teenager can use cute stationary!

So just last week, I was looking at these lovely pencils from Kate Spade. Being Kate Spade, they cost more than necessary. I do not want to spend that much on pencils.

It is actually rather difficult to find pencils on the market with general design such as polka dot. So happy to finally find them at The Paper Stone. They cost $4 for 5 so each pencil is less than a dollar!

I am sure they aren’t Staedtler-quality. But they sure bring some fun to my stationary area 🙂

They have an online shop now: which is good if you don’t live near any of their outlets or when you are just simply lazy!

I am looking forward to owning some beautiful notebooks myself next.


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