Review – Matt & Nat (Ordering experience)

I would love to do a product review but I do not have the product to do an review! Hence this post is written based on my first ordering experience with them. I have purchased another M&N bag from ASOS – I will do another post on it when I received the product!

If you google M&N, you would find lots of negativity over the internet on this Canadian company! They are celebrating 20 years but they feel like an startup…

I truly understand they are a small company that might not have the shipping capability like Amazon, ASOS etc. But still, a big improvement is needed for them! This is a company with truly beautiful products. Well, there isn’t much vegan handbag that are on higher end. Much of the so-called vegan leather are just normal PU bag. Although their bags are also Made in China, but I feel that they are much better in quality. I have been wanting to order but the price point is something out of my budget. But I have a chance when they were running this crazy sales. Despite reading their negative reviews, I decided to place an order anyway. I was originally very excited for my first order! Although the waiting has been long, I wasn’t really frustrated until the very end. It was intended for an wedding which is tomorrow but then again, I should have expected the delays.

Like most people on Facebook and Instagram, my order was on processing for a long time. I have dropped them an email. But they provided an standard answer which is they are facing some problem, technical glitches etc! After a couple of weeks later, I still have not receive any shipping email. Feeling a bit frustrated, I dropped an direct message to them as their email by then is down (too much emails I guess!). I was told the good news via Facebook – It is now in the warehouse waiting to be shipped! I was finally excited again!! But this is not the ending! (If it is, I wouldn’t have to purchase from ASOS!). After a few days, there is no email/confirmation/shipping email. So I posted an comment in their Facebook. Again, I was promised that someone would get back to me.

Today I woke up with the bad new in my email – It is Out of stock and they will process the refund. 

WHAT?!!! WHAT?!!! WHAT?!!! This is NOT okay. I do not have the problem with waiting although it is a bit frustrating. What  I don’t understand is…why I was promised a shipping when there isn’t. isn’t this way kinda like lying to your customer?

Then what is the point of having sales when everything is sold out? And I know I am not the only one.

Finally, After weeks of processing the orders then I was informed that it is sold out of stock?! Again, this is very unacceptable! Like someone mentioned on their social media – “you took the money for weeks”. And this is not Kickstarter!

I would love to support them again. They have given me an 15% discount as some compensation but I don’t really feel like spending on them again. Not now. Who in their right mind would place another order again just to go through the same nightmare. Okay maybe not so much on the stock/inventory since there is new collection. But still, I don’t feel safe. I might order in dec in order to get a new bag for my lunar new year in Feb 2016. But then again, now is not the right time. I hope by then they could get everything in place and hold actual SALE!

Other than Matt & Nat official website, you can also purchased M&N bags at ASOS, Amazon, Nordstorm and Indigo. ASOS, Amazon and Nordstrom have a small range of products. Indigo seems to have a wide range of products even the latest ones. But the shipping to internationally is by weight. So I decided to purchase at ASOS for the free worldwide shipping and it is on discount which means it is cheaper than M&N website itself!


2 thoughts on “Review – Matt & Nat (Ordering experience)

  1. Hi,
    we are just facing the same problems with M&N.
    But other than you we did not order a product “on sale”, but a standard handbag from their shop.
    Placed our order on August 25th 2015. Have already sent them an e-mail, but didn’t receive any order status or anything. (in the order confirmation e-mail there is a link to check the status, but that only leads to a login page. We ordered “as a guest”, so there is no login and thus no chance to check the order status).
    Funniest thing about that? You can still order the handbag in their online shop. The quantity field still says “in stock”. No note saying that there will be a delivery delay of 2 months or more, nothing.
    Only when you search the whole homepage there is a note in “shipping & returns” that says “due to high order volumes there may be some delays bla bla…”

    Like you already said, that’s just not acceptable. We’re very disappointed and for sure those business practices won’t do any good for the reputation of “vegan” companies…



    • Hi Kat&Chris,

      I cannot believe they are still having problem in shipping. The sales have been over for so long! And they aren’t exactly new company. They have been around for years! So this shouldn’t even happen!
      Have you tried sending them a public message on Facebook. I believe this is the best way to get their attention.

      It is real pity as their bag is really nice. I purchased one from instead. I do highly recommend ASOS as they ship fast 🙂

      Hope you get your bag soon!


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