A pouch for my planner!

I have been using a cheap pouch for my planner whenever I am on a go. I didn’t find it a problem until last week that I realise I need PROPER protection. I mean I have spend so much on this planner. I should keep it well protected!

My first thought was to get the EC clutch which I have been looking at every other week. Although I do not have a EC Life Planner, but EC accessories for the life planner is very much useful for other planners like mine.

The first review I read online was it is rather tight after putting in the extra stuffs. So I decided not to buy and it’s expensive anyway and I couldn’t justify spending money on some other stuffs to share the shipping.

Then I went to Baggu. I have a pouch when I uses sometimes. But it’s too flimsy. There is no support. They have a new version which looks just as flimsy. So I decided not to waste money on something that will not meet my need.

I started sourcing everywhere and I came across a listing for customised pouch at my local shopping site. It is actually for tablet, laptop. So perfect! Because it will comes with padding! I don’t need really padded padding but just something padded! I made use of my coupon and got $20 off which means it’s almost like on 50% discount. But the catch is I have to buy 2 in order to use the coupon. After checking out, it cost only like $21.80 for 2 pouches!

I picked the size “13.2” as it has a front zipped compartment – It could be really useful for putting papers, sticky notes etc!
From the Q&A, the seller mentioned that it is less padded as compare to the other design without the front compartment zip. But then again, I do not need thick padding!

For $10.90, I get to choose the name tag of my pouch and a charm. There were several colours. But there isn’t any chart to see how the effect looks like so I just randomly pick and check out as I need to get back to work.

I was initially worried that my planner is too thick even though I choose a bigger size pouch. But it fit just right!

I choose SNOOPY for the first pouch. If you haven’t notice, I have lots of snoopy stuffs recently 🙂 I choose BLUE for the name tag and it fit great with the hot pink pouch! The front zipped compartment isn’t padded but like what I say it would be great for storing papers!

I could fit in my planner and there is still plenty of space for my pencil pouch!

Even if I have a bigger pencil pouch, it still looks good.

I choose my always favourite Eiffel Tower for the second pouch! With the brown name tag and maroon pouch, it look very vintage-ish!


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