Random thoughts of the day

Let’s have a choco and think/blog~

I usually don’t drink choco! But if I ever do, this is my favourite choco 3-in-1. This is just the drink I needed as it has been very chilly since morning!

Talking about 3-in-1 choco, my aunt keep telling us the same thing for the past one week or so. She told us to avoid 3-in-1 stuffs like this if they contain creamer. I smiled at her but in actual fact, I don’t really care! If you really want to be risk-free of all diseases you should only eat vegetables, fruits etc without any flavouring like sauce. We are vegetarians. We are already healthier than most people – based on what I believe. So I don’t really care about further avoiding food/drinks that I enjoyed. I do drink tea so its not as if I am such a coffee addict and have 2-3 cups a day :p

I was chatting with my online friend from China. She is worried about her future as she didn’t what she wanted to do. I told her to think quickly. Because I am still at this stage of my life where I am quite unsure.

I envy those people who work from home like Etsy sellers, bloggers. I don’t know I just love the flexibility of being your own boss, don’t have to interact with people and flexible time! Of course, the income is always not stable… and you would need really good planning to survive. I wouldn’t have the skills to start one right away. And I am not a good planner especially in terms of finance!

Here’s some of dream jobs:
– A writer. I loves reading and writing. But I have no idea if I am going to be successful. But seriously who knows right?
– Manage a hostel cum cafe.
– Start a cafe on _____ (some theme that I really like – e.g. a Sci Fi cafe!!)
– Serious television reviews. How nice it is to be able to watch television serials all day.


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