Weekly roundup – 26 July to 31 July

Okay I am going to do a weekly roundup + a reflection for July!

Well, unexpectedly I did not hear anything. I wrote a nice thank you email but there isn’t any response!
I suppose there is some stuffs I need to start working on:
1) Read more about the line of business that was being offered. I came across an article last Thursday. I read a bit and wanted to continue reading it. I should also google and find out from people who are actually in this line.
2) Look into my CV again. I have added responsibilities at work. So I should start making it look even better.
3) Start applying! I wrote in my planner that I will submit 5 applications. But I did not. I should get it going.

On the other hand, I feel much happier at work 🙂 I am still bored by the lack of work… But somehow I make myself more productive by working on the laptop more instead of playing with my mobile phone.

I passed by a local bookstore and was really tempted to get some books. But I decided to look for the Kindle version instead. I need to start on a new book!

There was some issue with my iPad Mini so I did not really use for long tim. Last Sunday, I decided that I need to look into my magazine subscription and I found out that I still have subscription to Mental Floss and a couple of magazines. I am now reading the back issues on my iPad Mini as I have missed them. I do enjoy reading it and it is my favourite magazine!

After I trying to get an refund, I dropped by the local gift shop, Precious thots as I have an voucher for use! After walking around the shop several rounds, I have gotten this:

Ashlyn & Anne seems to be their in house brand of products. They have smiliar design like Cath Kidston – floral, polka dots etc. But they are much more cheaper. I decided to get myself a wristlet as I need a wristlet for lunch. I used to have one from aliexpress but the quality is horrible (Don’t buy cheap stuffs from Aliexpress!) and it wouldn’t fit my iPod Nano. I do another one from Coach but it is too small! I could barely fit my phone (iPhone 5S!) When I saw this on their website, I thought its rather obvious that I would end up buying this lol. And I did. because it is really big in real life. After putting in my phone, there is plenty of space! I love this design – beige with white polka dots (I have an scarf from Muji with similar print :D) I also purchased an notebook in order to use up the balance. Personally I find their notebooks too expensive. I am sure they aren’t very good quality. But its beautiful! I was going to buy an padded pouch to put my planner but then I decided not to as I have a couple of pouch for that. So after offsetting from the voucher, I only need to pay 80cents!

Now if you remembered I was quite into kickstarter until earlier this year. But I have stopped. Because sadly, most of the stuffs aren’t really in my life and MINIMALSIM!
Anyway here’s my quick comment/summary:
1) Passion Planner – I have stopped using. Cos it’s just not working.
2) Silmger (Indiegogp) – Worse product. Do not buy cos they are no longer delivering. I recommend XiaoMi Powerbank for extra juice on the go. 🙂
3) Articulate Clutch – An okay wallet/clutch but too heavy for daily usage. Creator have given me lots of doubts. Will not support again. This is firm.
4) Popbasic – Now this is the one that I really love. I have all 3 shirts. Wore black and strawberry and I love them! I will continue supporting if Popbasic need to use Kickstarter again.
5) Gmail for Mac – Cool mail app for MacBook. But eh…. I am fine without having it 😛
6) EDC pen – I lose the pen!!!!! ARGH!!!! But I am sure it is somewhere in my house!!!! The price after Kickstarter is too expensive otherwise I would consider to get an replacement. But luckily I have a lot of pens waiting to be love.
7) Leak Free – Have not try during the period cos they always happens on weekdays. 😛
8) Z-Charge – set up but not use. I find it messy to connect to my plug which is far from my bed! I will need to work on this x100000
9) Spoolee – Couldn’t do the cool fast un-cording  like the video :/ But its still cool to manage the cord. I have 3 more. I should give it away.
10) PX backpack – damn too big!
11) Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure kits – Have not try :/
12) Save the Sci Fi – Sci Fi subscription that I need to start using. I paid for lifetime sub 🙂
13) Pebble Time – alternating between other cool watches 😉
14) Magnetic paper – one piece is struck on my board. Need to start using the rest…

I am very happy with my planner. Its beautiful and easy to use. It is also very effective. The only problem I have with it is the weight as it is rather bulky. But I love it because its a customise planner for myself 🙂
I wanted to making MORE out of it in August!
Improvements needed:
1) My To-do list is rather blank. I couldn’t even fill up one page and I have two pages!
2) My calendar view page is also very blank. I need to fill a way to fill it up.
3) Improvement and efficiency is needed to my checklist.
4) i need to implement a way to record/track spending.

July’s Reflection
– I spend too much! Last week I mentioned I have discount coupon for one of my favourite local shopping site. I ended up making 3 separate purchases as I have 3 accounts! This is bad cos I bought things I might not need! Now, I understand to change an habit isn’t easy. I didn’t start out as a pure vegetarian. It took time. So I can say I am 50%-70% there. I just need to work harder!!
– My minimalism have progress this month. As mentioned, I threw away clothes and declutter my area. After months of effort, one of my area is finally decluttered and I am so happy! Of course this does not stop… I still need to work on various area of my room!


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