Beware – OroGold

So beginning of the month, I went to a shopping mall to do eyebrow waxing. After the session, I went to shop around for a bit before heading home. On my way, I passed by a shop unluckily… What happened next is probably make it to be the one of the worse day of my life.

Usually I put on my earpiece and ignore salesperson when they talked to me on the street. Sometimes when I am in a bad mood, I wouldn’t even want to pick up any flyer from those flyer distributer. Unless its an elderly 🙂 Anyway I cannot remember how exactly… I was fiddling with my earpiece. So a sales guy talked to me… I was in a better mood as I have just 1) Bought a shoes in my favourite mint colour at 10bucks 2) wax my eyebrow and feel so much confidence 3) I am bored from shopping by myself for 2-3 hours. So I stupidly answered back. Then it came a series of nightmare!

I always find myself to be a very smart shopper. I never spend more than I need to. I know where to get the best deal… But….

After being pulled into the shop, the sales manager started the usual “sales tactic” nonsense.. and guess I brought it. Yes I bought the skincare products. It cost much much much more than I normally would pay for. After I left the shop, I was almost crying…. Why am I so stupid and unlucky?

The sales manager is a guy called Anthony. I am posting it as a warning – Please do not be cheated by him!!! If you can, please avoid talking to him! I met him at Westgate Singapore but I believe he goes to all the retails outlet on rotation! 

Anyway, damage is done. After a couple of weeks, I finally pluck up my courage and tried to ask for a refund today. I told them they are very expensive more than I could afford. The salesgirls in the shop didn’t attempt to sell me anything (thanks god!) but they told me to call their office as only the office people can handle the refund. It is now weekend so their office are closed. I will try again on Monday and update this post!

So what is Orogold? They are an US-based company. They claimed that they use 24K gold imported from Italy in their skincare products. For our local (Asian) market, their manufacturing plant is in Japan so their products are made in Japan. There isn’t any scientific proof that gold is really good for your skin. It is just some hype that facial companies created in order to sell their “gold” facial products!

If you google this company, there is a lot of negatively around the internet all over the world about their sale tactic. (e.g. here is an link) I wouldn’t say they are unique as most beauty salon also uses the same tactic to “force” people to sign up for package.

To console myself, I have written a list on why it is not bad after all:
1) They have 5 retail outlets in Singapore. I don’t know… at least they are not as bad as those small unknown skincare companies!
2) They have a Hollywood star endorsing it! Now this really doesn’t sounds that bad!
3) The product does look good. I have tried and it is really good. I still feel my face better on the next day.
4)  A lot of rich Indonesian likes to come by to their shops to get them. So they are quite popular…

On the other hand, why I would not recommend them?
1) Top on the list is of course their sale tactics. Mr Anthony is… let just say, he is the best salesman I have met. But on the other hand, I feel that he is very disgusting (sorry this is the best word I could describe someone like him!) as he call me “princess” just to sell me something. He keep offering me discounts… and say that he is using his own staff quota to give me the discount. Who knows how true this is right! And by keep offering discounts, I am really skeptical about the whole thing! When I say NO, he keep asking me to buy. I have to keep rejecting but he never stop. Ugh. What an idiot! He even place the goods in my carrier when I did not agree to buy it.
2) The pricing. They cost 2-3 times more expensive than the most expensive facial products that I have heard of. I do know that they contain 24K gold from Italy. But really, in actual fact, how much do they use in the products itself? It is not known. I am not an expert at facial products ingredient. so I do not know if the ingredient is expensive.
3) I have not ever heard of them before someone tried to sell to me.

For the past couple of weeks, I have tried picturing different scenarios on getting a refund:
1) They told me no refund. I shouted at them and threaten to go to CASE.
2) They tried asking me to buy some more. (Initially I do not want to bring my ATM/Debit card along. In the end, I decided I kinda need it so I have hidden it somewhere)
3) I lied about someone close to me need funds for operation.
4) I ran out of the shop and do something very dramatic like shouting to the passer-by to boycott this shop!
5) I threaten that I will smear their reputation online.

Well, in the end, it turns out to be different! I will call them on Monday. If they refused to refund me, I will have to use the products I guess. They promised 4 sessions of facial. But I am not going to waste my time with them.

There was some concerns on the internet that they are linked to the Dead Sea company! My local contact is from the dead sea company! She told me to write an email to her as they need “management approval”. Well I don’t know much about the Dead sea company as I always ignored them when they talk to me. But looking at their price range (online), they seems to be okay as compare to OroGold. But then again, do not support companies that pressure people to buy things!

I have wrote an lengthy email to her and personally I feel it sounds good. 🙂

Updated again:
I was able to get a refund from their office. However in order to do that, I had to return the products and they transferred the funds to me within 3 days by internet banking. The refund process is definitely less hassle than I imagined. I was really imagining the worst case scenarios such as making a consumer report via CASE.

However I still recommend avoiding from patronising the stores in the first place. If you do happened to need/want an refund, walk into the store and request nicely. Once they have given you the contact details, write a strong but nice email to the person in the office.


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