Weekly roundup – 19 July to 26 July

Now last week I have mentioned that I need to work on my career plan….
I didn’t work on it yet (was busy reading!) but I received an call last week for a future opportunity. The opportunity is still in a vague stage and I am not even sure if anything solid might comes out of it. But I have been thinking a lot! I was a little depressed when a close friend kinda spoil my happiness when she brought out the negativity of the situation. But then it will be MY choice after all. But I am grateful for her valuable inputs!

Anyway, my current situation – I feel aimlessly and “lost”. Business is rather bad, my boss is kinda idling around sometimes. So as a result, a couple of us are also idling around. A friend say she rather be in my situation. But if you stay in the same situation for a long time, my dear friend, you kinda feel too bored and would be thinking constantly non-stop about serious topic like – what is the purpose of life. She then argued that I can do something else – e.g. personal stuffs. Well, I wouldn’t want to lie and say I haven’t! But it just get bored after a long while…

I do want my current situation to change – Find actual things to do. I am trying hard. But there is so much you can do during working hours. One of my favourite to-do is to write.. But I mean how much you can write right? I ended the conversation with we should be grateful that we do have a job!

Alternatively, I could also take on a new challenge! The future opportunity is not an easy one. I would be in a “sales” line. It is not like sales sales kind of sales but it is something along that line. Sales? You must be kidding! People who know me know that I might be the last person they thought that would be in this line. Well, I admit that I am not a good talker (Some people can just go on and on… and know when to start and end a conversation.) Me? I am just the quiet girl who keep her mouth shut throughout dinner. There was a couple of times I feel like I could finally jump into the conversation but I quickly shut it as I don’t want to feel so stupid. I guess it might be different as I am talking to a person. Wait… I don’t feel that I am really stupid. In fact, when talking to friends, I feel like I am rather knowledgable. I read a lot. So I know things. But I guess it depends on the kind of audiences that I am dealing with. It has always been one of my aim to work on this. My ex-manager keep saying I need to socialise more. It’s hard if I didn’t need to. If I need to, then I would definitely start trying 🙂 Stressful life? Bring it on! I didn’t know when was the last time I feel really stress about work. It was really too long ago. I love being very busy at work…. as long as it don’t take away my weekend 🙂 Boring environment with only a couple of colleagues? I have done it! I was in a situation where I have just 3 colleagues and we were somehow like alone in a warehouse. Well at least I would be in CBD area! Lastly, it would be a total new area again. I have been thinking…. really thinking… but I cannot find my specialise area. Its not as if i am not good at anything. but I just don’t know what to be specialise in. Sometimes I wish that I am really technical or have chosen a degree that really concentrated on something I wanted to do – e.g. HR. But unfortunately I did not. To go back to school would be insane. Anyway i would be contacted again in a week or so. Let’s see.

Proud to say I have completed a (rather long) book – American Gods on my Kindle! I wouldn’t say I really enjoyed it. I like Stardust better. But maybe because I am not familiarise with ancient mythology. It was still a good read! Anyway my goodreads IS looking alive again! AWESOME~ And I am going to start on yet another Stephen King’s book next!

(Not) Shopping, Shopping, Shopping
Pleased to report I didn’t make any crazy purchase this week! I avoided most purchasing urge with the help of my planner 🙂 The key word for this week is NEED not WANT
However, One of my favourite site is handing out 50% coupon. I managed to snatch it…. Initially I thought I could get 50% off everything. But there is an capped value of $20. It is still good. After adding 3 items that I wanted to the cart, I am paying 30% to 40% lesser. I was playing my cart and was ready to check out…But I decided to hold on as I need to brainstorm the want/need again and look into my possession!

The need or want for this week:
1) A brown PU tote – The new bag that I purchased (mentioned in last week’s weekly roundup) is from Matt & Nat. If you followed them on their social media, you would know they are having major problems with shipping. I am surprisedly not as angry as most people out there cos I am just so excited for my new purchase! But it was intended for a short trip to a wedding which is happening in just 2 weeks later. With the delay, it is unlikely I would get the bag in time for the wedding. An good alternative would be an Made in Korea PU tote which look just as pretty. But I received news yesterday that my M&N is shipping soon. So I feel like I shouldn’t purchase something that I might ended up NOT using?
2) Military Jacket – After 2 days of using at work, I am pleased with the jacket. It keep me warm at work and at the same time, don’t create any itch as the jacket itself is not tight-fit! So I wanted to buy another new one! I am tempted to get two but I feel like I should only get 1!
3) Cotton Skirt – I placed an order for a couple of coloured cotton skirts last week. They are in prefect length and material. I was going to order a couple more!

I have been actively minimalism whenever I could. I have throw away some old clothes and little things here and there. Although my mum convinced me to keep one old pant. 😦


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