Weekly roundup – 12 July to 19 July

Just a quick post to declutter my brain…

Work is boring as usual 🙂 There was moments at work that I feel like I should start looking for another job. I do enjoy my work, but the company is not doing exceptionally well. It affects the remuneration package deeply. I am not a person who wanted very high salary. But I wanted to be paid according to quality. Anyway I shall try to develop a plan and start applying for some jobs next week… I also must admit after so long, I still don’t know what I want to do. I knew what I wanted but… somehow it wasn’t working for me. I know in my mind what I likes to do. But I just didn’t have any plan to get it started. I should work on this.

My shopping trip + Melissa shoes
Being a jelly shoes lover, I knew about Melissa shoes for a long time. But because they are very expensive, I have never own any pair. I got into a bit of Melissa craze lately :/

Firstly, I saw it on sales in one of my local shopping sites. The seller is from Japan but surprisingly it is very cheap (as compare to the usual price). So I decided to buy one! I went to read the reviews online. It seems like Melissa shoes are really popular and they are made in Brazil. I am not going into details on whether this shoes is environmental friendly or not. But being an vegetarian, I love this shoes for using non-animal material. I always avoid shoes that uses animal materials!

It took me a few days to receive as it was shipped from Japan.

It is for a wedding in August. It is an excuse to buy – I mean you cannot wear plain boring shoes right! 😀

I am not an expert at this. But it looks too real to be fake?! They even have the same smell LOL! I didn’t see this design anywhere (in departmental stores) so I guess it is an old design which is why it is cheaper. It is very glittery. I accidentally touch the shoes and got glitters on my hand…. oops. But there is way too much glitters anyway…. If it becomes less glittery, it would look good too.
Being so happy with the shoes, I decided to buy another pair as it was again on further sales. The clear/white one are so much cheaper because I guess nobody would buy them haha. I usually don’t buy white shoes (or anything white…) but then I decided it look good for the wedding too. Beside Melissa shoes are easy to maintain! I just splash lots of water on my Sunjellies and all the dirt came off! I figure Melissa shoes works the same way…The clear/white one is now on its way to my house!

Then, today I purchased another pair! This time round I purchased it from a reputable departmental store! I figure out buying from the departmental stores mean you won’t get “cheated” 😛  I saw this shoes on MyHabit a couple of weeks ago. But they ran out of my sizes. So I didn’t manage to buy. The international shipping was ridiculously expensive anyway. I was happy to see them. I couldn’t decide between the two colours – red & blue. I ended up buying blue cos the sale assistant told me its nicer. LOL. I feel a bit regretted at first… but then I am in love with blue now as it matches more with the clothes I have!

Anyway I have received $300 vouchers from my company (for some awards). I wanted to use $100 for something nice and give the rest to my parents. I had a bad day on Friday so I feel like “rewarding” myself. Beside, I will receive a small payout for my bonus! I walked around the departmental stores and decided to get another Melissa. I would get a bag but I am trying to cut down my bag quantity! I saw another brand of jelly shoes…which is 50% cheaper but I decided to get from the best 🙂 since I have the voucher to offset.

There was some clothes that caught my eye. But somehow for clothes, my limit is always at $40. Even though I am getting it for free in a way but I just don’t feel like spending that much on clothes. I mean… clothes… if I don’t like them, I will just buy new ones. and throw them away. HA. I don’t really invest in them especially on brands that I am not a fan of… except for shirts maybe but I have way too much shirts now. There is a lot of linen dress in season. But they look exactly just like the ones online. They are also very sheer so I don’t know what make them different! Beside, cheap clothes that cost $20-$30 are good enough for a few years. Beside I have a wardrobe full of clothes! 🙂 But for shoes and bags, somehow I would invest in them more… I used to buy cheap shoes all the times. But I decided to start investing in them to find good and lasting shoes rather than shoes that I would throw after a few months.

So I ended paying only $40 for the shoes! Happy!! 😀

On the other hand, I have been thinking about shopping for the past couple of days. They are so unattractive these days…
Scenario: I go to a mall… walked into a shop… looked at the clothes… nah, too many of it. Then I moved to the shoes department… nah, I don’t need shoes. Then you move to the bags department (which is always my favourite!)… But cheap bags don’t last and expensive bags contains leather… and I don’t need any bag… Move again… this time I goes to the lingerie… I don’t even need new bras! Walk away and time to go home. Even my stationary temptation is getting lesser. I have only made one purchase in the whole month of June/July. HAHA!

Clothes – From the last time I posted, I have been keeping a daily record of what I wanted to buy and the reasons. I ended up avoiding most purchases but I did purchase a tank dress from Popbasic (I have CREDIT!), a couple of tank tops and cami for matching and a couple of skirts from Korea which I have been eyeing. As a result of a couple of impromptu purchases and as a “punishment”, I decluttered my wardrobe again and happy to say I throw out at least 20 pieces of clothes!

To declutter effectively, I have divided my wardrobes into the following categories:
1) Shirts/Dress/Top (basically clothes that needed to be hang up)
2) Home clothes
3) Tee
4) Cami/Tank/Work-friendly top
5) Skirt and Pants
6) Short/Legging
7) Jeans
8) Inner wear

Then I worked on each section for 10-15mins. Anything that look worn-out from tee/cami/tank section goes to the home clothes section and anything from the home clothes look worn-out goes to the bin. In this way, I can reduce the no. of clothes and at the same time, I do not need to buy new ones.

Bags – I purchased a new bag (oh no….I will write about it when I get the bag!) but I threw away some old bags (yay!) I made some adjustments to my room and my bags area look much neater. I am looking forward to further reducing them.

Shoes – I kept a list in my planner so that I can update anytime and sadly to note that I own 21 pairs of shoes! I would be throwing 4 pairs in the next couple months or so. And 3 more pairs should go within the next few months or so. In the meantime, I have to follow this rule – no more shoes! (Until needed)

Beauty stuffs – Inventory
I started a tough project of doing an inventory taking for my beauty stuffs (from those memebox days….) It is still ongoing.

Current wants
1) Non-itchy Cardigan/Military jacket
Late last week, I suddenly have this…. thought… Why is all my cardigans so itchy?!
I don’t really feel bother by this before. But suddenly it became a problem. I started searching for a non-itchy cardigan but… I don’t know where to look. I mean they would turn up to be the same. I could only try and feel for myself 🙂 At the same time, I worn one of the military-style jackets that I bought in late May to a day trip. It look so nice on me… and I feel like getting another one!
So I figure out that I should bring my military jacket to work. If its non-itchy after a day of wearing, then I could get another… and all my itchy cardigans has to go… (okay, except for the nice ones)
2) Le Breton
I was looking at Popbasic website last week. (I still have another credit!) and I was tempted to get the red one. Then for some reason, I feel like the red one will make me look fat. After viewing the original/navy, I was tempted to get the original one. But they ran out of my size. 😦 Anyway I still have this little urge to get one.
3) Jellybag
I am eyeing at “toyboy” brand. But they are rather expensive and there is too many fake ones….

I finally start reading again. I am now reading American God on my Kindle. I purchased this very long ago but seeing how long it was kinda put me off. But since I am not having any target in my Goodreads (too stressful), so I started reading this. It is good so far!


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