Naruko Singapore review

People who watched taiwanese beauty show must have heard of Naruko or Niu-er (in Chinese). It is in fact a Taiwanese brand developed by Niu-er – an beauty expert! He has been making own mask since 12 years old.

I was introduced to this brand two years ago. A friend introduced me their shower gel and while on vacation, the salesperson introduced me the night gelly which is some kind of mask that you don’t have to wash off.

So a couple of weeks ago, I was finishing my second bottle so I decided to purchase it again.
The problem is… they don’t sell it at the retail store (Watson). I tried searching it at Taiwan. (Yes I was at Taiwan again :D). But I couldn’t find it anywhere. Frustrated that I couldn’t get it in store, I decided to purchase it online!

They were having a promotion – get 3 and get 30% off!

This Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Clear Shower Gel is really good for people with back acne like me. I have this problem since I was young. I thought the problem never goes away until I tried this! I am still having back acne but it has become much much better. I usually apply it on my back and then go do some washing to let the gel absorb first before washing it off. It has a cooling effect which I love.

At the same time – I purchased a couple of stuffs to get free shipping and they were having some GSS promotion.

I haven’t try this yet but I was attracted that this cleanser allows you to wash effective in the morning without wasting too much effort!

Trying the apple seed series too. They have a promotion for cleanser. So I got this and the AMPM cleanser at S$23!

I received free shipping as I spend $74.80! It was courier by an external company, Ninja Courier. They have a tracking system and they are rather efficient. I received it within 3 working days.


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