Reflection – June to July

I have wanting to write on this post for a couple of weeks. But my mind has been cluttered. Today, I will try to “declutter” my mind and start writing… (That’s was yesterday...)

Firstly, I have a CONFESSION to make – I have not been minimising! Uh yes. I did not really think of minimising. I did at some point of time. e.g. when I was on vacation, I didn’t buy as much as I would! But still I went a little over….

To get to the root of the “problem”, I must first analyse my actions.
1) Vacation – Well, when you are on vacation, you tend to ignore your mind and do what you feel is right which is … spending!
2) Too many desire – I got into the much more crazy stage of liking a certain cartoon character and a certain colour. So I have many desire and want!
3) Less productivity due to planner – I kinda stop using my old planner as it was not working well. But I couldn’t start on my new planner. So I am not productive! When I am not productive, I tends to spend time on… other matters. Fortunately this has come to a end as I have a new planner and happy to say I love the new planner! I will explain in my other post.

Minimalism – Bags
I have purchased like a few new bags. Firstly, I do not need them (well most of them)…

As you can see the bags that I have purchased, most of them are small and not really practical for work! So as a result, I am eliminating my other smaller bags in order to keep them. However, I don’t regretted purchasing some of them e.g. the ones in picture 2 as they are locally made (Made in Taiwan). But I could do without them >_<  Other than that, I have purchased (in the midst of this post actually >_<) a Matt & Nat bag. I have been wanting to try them. But sales. you know. cannot resist. >_<

Minimalism – shoes
I have 4 new shoes! (One shoes is on its way to my house!) 

Again, as you can see, I don’t really need them! Well, it wasn’t as if I have no shoes to wear. I bought them for various reasons – prints, sales etc.

Ultimately I would only need a 4-5 shoes.
1) A work shoes – I must admit I do have several pairs at the moment. But if I need only one, I would choose a handmade vegan leather Mary Vegan as Mary Jane is always so versatile and cute! Well I have wait till all shoes are broke before investing in one as they are really not cheap.
2) A casual shoes – A slip on would be nice. I haven’t found one that I really love. Toms would be a good choice but then again, I am against their material! Okay, stop buying!
3) A sandal – I love sandal more than slipper especially when I am riding a escalator lol The fear of the shoes got stuck >__< I have 4-5 pairs of jelly which I am using as sandal. My current favourite is adidas jelly! Even Sun Jellies get a bit slippery after a long day of wearing. But my Adidas jelly is the best! 🙂
4) A slipper – I wear slipper only if I am not tending to ride the escalator lol. Happy to say I have a lasting and good slipper. Now I only need to make sure I keep to one! I have a black non-narrow one from havaianas. After a few years, it is still working fine as a slipper. But then again, I didn’t use as much as others.
5) A sneaker – Despite the fact that sneaker does not look nice or “matching” with clothes, but they are still the best for traveling! Ultimately comfortable is the most important!

So in conclusion, I need to minimal more! I need to work on my want and need more diligently!

Measures to control:
1) Remember – Simple is beautiful.
2) Keep minimalism concepts in my mind all the times!
3) Segregate need and want. Purchase only if it is a “need”.
4) Be more productive!


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