First week of using Plum Paper Planner…and loving it!

So if you remembered, I order a very expensive planner from Plum Paper very long time ago! (To be very precise, it cost 87bucks!). A good planner is very important so even if it cost really a lot (much more than most of my bags lol), I would go for it. My first impression when I received the package was good. So I have already decided to go back to PPP for my 2017 planner! ๐Ÿ˜€
I have stopped using my old planner (Passion Planner from Kickstarter) because it is not working at all for me. So I was in between notebooks and was very excited for July. Time flies – It is now July. I actually missed one day cos I was a little busy. But I started on 2 July!

The previous planner was not working because:
1) The space in between are too small. I have a medium handwriting. The space for PPP is perfect!

2) The timeslot in the daily column is just no! I loved that PPP allows you to customise your page (this is exactly why they cost a lot more than the usual planner…) I do not need time to consider this. But selected theย “Just Lines” option. Happy to say I love it cos I can just write anything I want.
3) A planner is not a planner. It doesn’t have to contain of the activities I do hour-to-hour which is insignificant for a single woman like me. I actually write my buying decision and I enjoyed doing it!

I am using Erin Condren’s snap to do as a Today bookmark and well, an external To-do list.

I uses Erin Condren band on my PPP. ๐Ÿ™‚

The only thing that I am not used to it is to carry a much heavier planner to work. But I have to carry it with me.

Yay for more productive life!


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