Magnetic “paper” – how well they work?

Okay I backed these stuffs a while back at kickstarter. The whole process was rather smooth for me. I was able to add on without any problem (Not using hotmail, outlook etc) and received my magnetic paper just yesterday!

So today I tried them out…

Firstly I am not completely satisfied with the packaging. Since these are paper (or equivalent) products, I expected better care in handling the packaging. I expected it to be shrink-wrapped. But not only it was not shrink-wrapped, I feel like the notes are just throw into the box. There was slight damage to the corner and my orange sheet was separate into half. Other than that, they seem fine. And did they run out of tape in the warehouse? I am seriously not kidding. Every single package I received in a tube from the past years are tapped at the top because those cover? they don’t stay on. But it was not taped at all. So the cover drop off :/ there were some air cushion thingy but most of them are not cushioned properly. anyway enough of the packaging. lets move on to the product.

Magnetic board
As much as the name sounds, it does not feel like a board. It is very thin and flimsy.  It is in fact very similar to those whiteboard sticker thingy found on aliexpress etc. To get one sheet out of the tube is messy…. You would expect to damage some parts of the sheet. As a result, there are marks on the sheet!

It is unavoidable I guess. But I would recommend doing this in a large space without any wind!

I tried putting it on a wall first. (I was going to replace my DIY board). But it won’t stick. It was okay when the fan do not blow in its direction. But it drop off almost immediately whenever the fan move to its direction. I cannot adjust the situation as I would be using fan all the times. (We are in a all-summer country).

So I moved to my wardrobe which is far “cleaner” and less dusty.

I moved my fan to face it but luckily it didn’t drop off. I was happy for about 10mins….. Then a strong wind blow in that direction and it drop off…. again. Argh so I put it up again. But it drop off…again. I decided that these “board” cannot stay when wind blows. Sigh. Kinda disappointed.

Oh well, I have 14 sheets to try out again!

Magnetic notes
I bought a few of the size M and 3 in size L. I did not buy size S as they seem very small.

A compare to my regular stickies (Non Post-It) shown that the magnetic note is much better! it stayed on for a long time!

As for my other stickies – I normally have to put an extra tape. Even for Post-It!

In conclusion, out of the two products that I have tried, I would recommend the note but not so much for the board. If I have a choice, I would not buy the board again. I would stick to my DIY board (whiteboard sticker from Aliexpress pasted onto a corrugated plastic board) and use magnetic notes. 🙂


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