Weekly round – May & June

It should be a monthly round-up instead! I have been very very busy so I didn’t post anything in a while.

What have I been busy with?
– I was busy with planning for my trip and a company event. Coincidentally, both event are happening one after another in June. So basically when I am at work, I am busy with planning for the company event. And when I am off work, I am busy with planning for my own holiday.
June – I was out of town for nearly 9 days! I am updating on the holiday post! Then it was the company event which kept me very busy till last Friday! And…. I got to do some decluttering from this whole Pre and Post event mess.

This is an topic that I haven’t been posting about! And I feel that now is really a right time for me to start reflecting again. For the past few weeks, I must admit that I haven’t really been “minimalism”. Although I didn’t buy everything as I wanted, but I feel that I could really do much better! Especially when you are on holiday. You wouldn’t want to look at my room at the moment! It is less messy than the whole of last week. But…. I got extra stuffs I don’t need.

Moving forward, I need to step back a bit and think if the purchases are indeed needed before committing on the purchases! I should try to stop looking at shopping sites to reduce the need want to purchase!

Here’s some of my “damages” from May to June:

From Taobao
This is China brand “Hero” fountain pen which is meant for kids to practice on the writing. It was written in the listing that I got from. HAHAHA but I couldn’t resist KAWAIIIIII pens! The problem is they don’t come with ink bottle. So I will have to purchase some ink bottle…. 10 pens costs only RMB38.80 or USD6.50!

This is from another chinese brand called Lotus. It is again meant for student/kids. But…. who cares? 😛 This is a rather reputable pen manufacturer in China. So I would think that the pens are Disney-Licensed. One set cost RMB4.50 or USD0.70!

Lastly I am somehow in love with snoopy lately. So I was delighted to find some pens! This is from another china brand called M&G! One set cost RMB4.30 or USD0.69!

From Uniglo

Buying from Uniglo online is fast! Full review is posted here.

From Popbasic

Yes! It finally arrived! What could I say… except that they are so beautiful. I have never owned any silk blouse as they are usually very somehow shiny…. I love the white and strawberry one. But somehow the black one feel different :/ But it is still great. I always wanted a nice white shirt. But I couldn’t find one. Now I have one!


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