Buying online – Uniglo Online (Singapore)

Previously I mentioned that I prefer Uniglo clothes as compare to Cotton On. It is somewhat a understatement! I am actually quite in love with Uniglo. I don’t own many clothes from Uniglo but I am starting a collection…Of course I know I need to stop my love to prevent from buying too much stuffs and cluttering my wardrobe. Minimalism!

Why I love Uniglo clothing?
I love basic. I restricted my clothes to basic wear since a few years only. Occasionally I splurge on pattern such as polka dots or flowers. But I love basic. Since last year, I started to carefully select my clothes based on the quality, company (ethical company only) and branding. I used to love Adidas T-shirt when I was young. They are nice… but… I am starting to hate the big logo. Uniglo and Muji are just two brands who don’t put their branding on their clothes. They also have a wide variety of colours for everything – from short to camisole. They are also reasonably priced. I still buy cheap clothes… But seriously cheap clothes always come with the same problem – loose threads and quality.

Anyway somehow they begin having this wonderful online shop since…. I-don’t-know-when!
The nearest Uniglo store near my house is actually 4 train stops away! So being very busy since May, I couldn’t find time to visit the malls and shop!

Anyway since they have the online store, why not shop there instead?

#1 – You need to purchase SGD60 to qualify for free shipping! Oh well, it isn’t really that hard. I only bought 3 stuffs and it is well above SGD60.

#2 – Online shop is managed by a different entity so the price between online and the actual retail shop may not be consistent. But if you buy the “limited offer” stuffs, then I think you are somehow safe.

#3 – You can only do return via mail. It cost SGD6.00 admin fee to do that. They will deduct the cost from the refund. Which is a TERRIBLE policy 😦 What is the point of buying limited offer item. 😦

Anyway, here’s what I purchased:

Everyone who shop at Uniglo would know that you should try to be a little patience and not jump into buying things immediately. Because they will somehow be on offer at some point of the time! Wait for your dream item to be on offer and you really save! I have been eyeing at their Premium Linen collection for a LONG time. When I first saw it, it was originally priced at SGD 49.90. Although I really love the mint green dots one, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on that shirt! I wait and wait. I found out that taiwan’s Uniglo had this item on offer in May. But the offer was no longer available when I am there. Due to the exchange rate, it is still somehow cheaper to get from Taiwan’s Uniglo as compare to Singapore’s Uniglo. But I decided to wait….I am so glad that I did. Because it went on offer soon after I return. I was so delighted and decided to try their online store instead of visiting the retail shop. I do not have the time to visit anyway! After thinking and rethinking and rethinking…. basically lots of thinking, I decided to pick up another shirt in Beige. I am kind of regretted now 😛 I should have get some feminine colour like pink or coral. Cos one of my male boss have the exact same shirt :/ Although I am not intending to use this as a work shirt, it was meant for traveling. But it seems weird. anyway I wanted to return but it cost SGD6 to do so. :/ I will keep it for traveling anyway!

I am also in love with their “AIRism” range of clothes. Their camisole is the best camisole I ever wore! I purchased another one in green for nightwear.

What so good about shopping from Uniglo online? Other than the conveniences!
#1 – Fast shipping! I ordered on Sunday and my order was shipped on Monday! They uses SingPost’s SpeedPost which is not the fastest. But I was able to collect from Popstation as nobody was around to receive it. Popstation allows collection 24 hours so for busy people (like me!), you can just drop by after work.
#2 – Previously when I reviewed on Cotton On, I mentioned that they do not provide tracking code or even shipping notification which is very important for online shopping. Uniglo does provide that!
#3 – Limited offer information is clear!
Instead of walking around the store 😛 You can easily find the limited offer with just a couple of clicks.

And I love that they mentioned when the “limited offer” is till, so you ca decide if you want to buy it now or wait.

#4 – Like many online stores, there is always some kind of online exclusive offer which you can make use of.

In conclusion, I have a good experience with buying from Uniglo online and I am looking forward to my second order. The only problem I have with is their return policy. I just feel SGD6 to return something is a bit too expensive!


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