Buying online – Cotton On Singapore

If you lived in Singapore, chances are you know Cotton On. Even my mother and aunties buy from Cotton On. They are one of a few Australian brands that expanded to Singapore. And they are everywhere in our little sunny island!

I wouldn’t say I love Cotton On. Many of their clothes (and lingerie and shoes and bags..etc!) are made in China. I am not complaining about stuffs made in China. I do buy them. But as compare to Muji, Uniglo etc, there is a significant differences in terms of quality. I patronise Muji and Uniglo much more often. They are slightly more expensive as compare to Cotton On  as Cotton On usually have deals like 2 for $30 for flats. But, I don’t know, I just feel their clothes are slightly much better. True the clothes from Muji, Uniglo are not that lasting like lifetime. But Cotton On stuffs are just much worse. Anyway a week plus ago, I was looking at their web-store…. I was asked to go on a business trip to a resort location. I am not doing any suntanning or any beach activities. Sadly the plan has changed! But I feel like I need something beach-looking bag or shoes or something.

I looked at my bags – I don’t have anything that are of beach-y looking. Then I looked at my shoes – I do have Sunjellies which I love a lot. But my mum keep asking not to wear jellies as I have a skin irritation since last year July. I feel like she was totally right so I kinda stop wearing them for a good while and the skin irritation is on its way to recovery! So I found an perfect excuse – I need them! I went to look at Cotton On web-store as I remembered that they have a web-store.  I actually picked up some stationary and gifts during christmas last year. But it was too long and I lost my password. I was able to sign up for a new account with my gmail. Strange!

Free shipping if you purchased S$50. Just throw in some clothes and you probably will reach it within 15mins. But for me, I have to spend a long time…. as I didn’t want to buy anything extra. I could have just visit the store. But I was recovering from a bad stomaches. So I decided to continue shopping online…

The first thing I saw was…an deal that is available online only!

I was kinda into Mint lately – actually it has been a few months. But being on minimalism, I always STOP myself from getting anything at all. I ended up with only one Mint power bank, one bottle and one mint colour stationary set! Time to reward myself and finally get something in the beautiful mint colour 🙂

I didn’t hesitate and decided that this is my beach-y bag although I was thinking more of a straw bag.

Shopping at Cotton On webstore is fun as you can buy clothes (Cotton On), shoes (Rubi) and stationary (Typo) at one single website! So you can shop for pretty stationaries if you don’t want to spend too much on clothes.

What I don’t like about shopping at Cotton On:
1) There is no measurement!

I searched everywhere but couldn’t find the measurement. I don’t remember seeing this in store. So I do not know how small they are. They have a advertisement for this deal and it look in the right size. But then again, the photo could be misleading. In the end, I decided to purchase it anyway. If I really want to, I can just return as there is no measurement available in the first place!

2) Misleading pricing 
There was a sale on original ballet flat.

I added the black one into my cart

After a while, then I realise the pricing is different for the black one!

They should do what AA did!

Then it would be all clear! 😀

3) They don’t send an email to you when your order is shipped!

4) Nobody pick up their hotline. I tried calling 3-4 times throughout the day. The phone keep ringing. But nobody  pick up. I got frustrated and send an email and I got an reply within 15mins.

Here’s the rest of my orders:
I decided to get another cross body bag in brown since it was cheap 🙂 I would probably gift this away. I saw this cute coin purse in my favourite colour again! So I feel a need to get.

Cheap shoes at S$5 each!
I got an cute slip-on as this would probably useful for my upcoming trip! My original slip-on from Amazon was trashed in the rain. While I love to get a TOMS, but some part are made in leather so…
As I said earlier on, I need a beach-y shoes. I cannot wear jellies for a good while. So…this sandal would probably comes in useful.

A4 size spiral – 3 for S$10! S$7 for the faux leather ones.
Notebooks for my business trip and office uses! We only order plain spiral-bound notebook which is so boring. To be really productive, stationaries really matters!

From S$1 to S$2
Cotton On Foundation is a charity branch of Cotton On. They have really cheap accessories. I usually buy a couple of stuffs as 100% goes to the foundation. I don’t think the “snoopy” tote is licensed though. But it was only 2bucks!


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