Carousell – Selling & Buying

Selling in Carousell is never easy. I have my fair share of “irritating” buyers that I have met for past few weeks:
1) Dead buyer. Always. But seriously they are like the better out of the rest I am going to list. At least they don’t bother me as much.
2) People who don’t read information provided. Listing state – “No meet-up”. PM and ask “where to meet up?”
I have explained in one of my previous post that why I don’t do meet-up. In short, it is time wasting and take lots of effort to achieve that. I don’t have time for all these.
3) People who likes to ask “available?” and disappear. Why are you even asking seriously?
3) People who ask for precise information and bug for discount. I normally say I will check and if they bug for discount, I will not bother to check as I know they are no longer interested.
4) People who bug for discount/ask if can be lower. I usually just say no as they irritates me. Honestly just send in your bid and I will response accordingly.
5) Buyer who lied about sending concealed cash. Turned out that this particular buyer has been lying (based on her feedback). I seriously don’t know what is her problem and what is she trying to achieve. Maybe she is hoping some newbie seller who don’t know how online selling works actually posted her “purchase” to her.
6) People who bugged you to sell to them at your offer price even after you declined an offer. Her reason is that she offered 10bucks more than the retail price. (Well I am selling a limited edition item which is different from the retail store and it is not releasing yet. Although I do not have it yet but I will have it before they start releasing it. So I don’t know what is her problem). I have to tell her straight in the face that I am not selling to her at that price before she stop bugging me.
So in conclusion, you have to have lots of patient because there is really all kinds of people out there. Good news is I do not sell full time. I have only made two transactions so far but it doesn’t really bother as I have my full time job!

Buying from carousell on other hand is much much fuss-free I suppose. Unlike many people who likes to browse the app and “like” stranger’s listing (when they bored on trains :P), I do not browse the app at all.
I made an exception last week and made my first purchase which is…. luckily very smooth!

Firstly why I do not browse the app. The app is good and have easy classification. But I don’t buy things especially second-hand. It is some kind of principal that I developed since young. Sounds like a spoil child but its really something that I can get past with.
Furthermore I am developing my “minimalism” lifestyle so browsing and buying extra things is definitely a no-no. I am already stressed by the fact that I am tempted to buy things at the usual place – web stores that I sometimes visit and the mall. So I didn’t start that habit and therefore, I do not browse the app.

Last week, I decided to try to browse the app to look for something I needed to buy. I have two trips that I am taking in the June and I really need a water bottle. I do have a couple of water bottles. But they are either too big or they leak. So I really need to find one that I can bring it with me to travel. I first thought of Fred Bottle which I saw last year on Kickstarter. But it is too expensive and they haven’t start shipping yet. So I went online and google abit and came across the ones from Tupperware. If you heard of this brand, chances are you know it is much cheaper to get them from individual consultant. Carousell being an selling platform attracts many Tupperware consultant I guess.

So I purchased one from Carousell! I was so happy to find one in my current favourite mint colour. I bought two more for my parents. I got it mailed as I do not want to meet up. It took a few days but I guess that’s because our postal service is slow.


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