Review: China Brands Organizer/Planner

Previously I discussed about “Filofax/Kikki K” and how much I wanted it. But I decided not to purchase them due to various reason. But I am happy to find “filofax”/”Kikki K” alternative at Chinese giant online retailer, Taobao. With the help of two different agents, I got 3 organisers from 3 Taobao stores to compare and did a review.

All 3 stores manufactured their own brand of organisers, accessories and refills and judging from the reviews, they are equally popular among the Chinese buyers! As compare to many other brands that I have came across, they certainly attracted me with their wider range of colours! Furthermore, they are not expensive. And they are all made of non-animal products! ūüôā

*All prices stated in this reviews are round up cost inclusive of local courier fee (from seller to my shopping agent),¬†¬†international shipping by sea and shopping agent’s fee.

I have been using one of it as my home organiser for a few weeks now and I find it much useful. The reason for it is probably I no longer have scattered notes lying around! It helps to organise thoughts into one single place!

Store 1:¬†Ben’z Store

First Look & Cost

“Fruit” Series, A5 Size, Watermelon Red SGD15 with¬†80 pages of refill
You can also get the organiser without the refills at SGD13 and A6 size are available at SGD10 or SGD8 (without refill).

The organiser is wrapped in a simple plastic bag with the store’s plastic carrier. It came with 80 pages of refill (shown in grey) including 20 pages of lines, square, dotted and To-do. The A5 planner weighs about 545g so it is rather light.

It includes 2 card slots, 1 full slot for stickers, post-it etc and a back pocket for paper.

The back of the organiser is another pocket!

Different from many organisers, this organiser uses a buckle instead of button. I am not quite a fan of buckle.
Not very useful when you are in a rush! But it would definitely be more secured.

The seller included a cardboard as a protecting for the metal clip.

The logo is shown at the side inside the organizer so if you are not a fan of huge logo, you will love this!

Other colours: 

Olive Green

Lemon Yellow

I like a organiser that are not too plain and boring. Many organisers in the market are either in black, brown or red. And the inner page are also in the same dull shade. I was attracted to this organiser as the inner of the organiser is in a different colour which really bring out the organiser! The inner uses a canvas instead of PU leather which would probably extend the durability of the organiser.

Pen Loop with Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.5 French Casual & Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.4 x Rilakumma

I like that the pen loop is manufactured using canvas. This is something I have been looking for everywhere but couldn’t find. There are two pen loops in the organiser. It fits the Zebra Sarasa Clip nicely!

They are positioned in a way that they pen won’t hit against each other!

Paper quality
The seller stated their page are made from¬†dowling paper. I haven’t never heard of such paper before. A google search shown that it is a type of paper which is more commonly used in commercial printing such as magazine, poster etc. Hence it is suppose to be high quality.

Tested using my Muji ballpoint pen. It shown that there is bleeding till the next page or so! So the paper isn’t that good I guess.

Store 2: Jamie notes

First Look & Cost

“Vintage” Series, A6 size, Dark Red¬†SGD20 with¬†80 pages of refill
You can also get the organiser without the refills at SGD15 and A5 size are available at SGD25 or SGD20 (without refill).  
It came with 80 pages of refill including 20 pages of lines, square, dotted and blank.

The organiser is shipped in a box.

A sentence¬†of wisdom on the box ūüôā

Other colour:


The organiser has 6 card slots and a pocket.

The back is another pocket. The organiser have a protectors at the front & back to suppose to be for preventing marking.

The logo is imprinted at the back of the organiser.

I was so happy to see an organiser in my favourite red shade! There are alot of red organiser in the market. But they are either too bright¬†or too soft. None have this beautiful dark red shade which I always love. ¬†For this particular organiser, I prefer it to be covered in a full dark red shade ūüôā

Pen Loop with Parker Jotter

There is only one pen loop which I uses to put my Parker Jotter. I uses this for my daily notebook hence I bring my favourite pen which is Parker Jotter ūüėČ The pen loop is in PU so it might not be that lasting as compare to the other 2 organiser.

Ruler & Divider
I also got ruler & divider from the seller as shown in the above picture. They cost about SGD2.00 each. The ruler is pretty flimsy. The divider is also similar to the paper divider available in the market so I wouldn’t say they are of really great quality type.

Paper Quality

Again the paper isn’t of high quality. My ballpoint pens including Parker Jotter bleed through. So I can imagine fountain pen have a bigger bleed ūüôā

Store 3: Dokibook

First Look & Cost

I have introduced this organiser preciously. Now its time to do an official review!

“Personal planner” Series,¬†A6 size, Purple¬†SGD35¬†with 100¬†pages of refill, protector sheet, divider, ruler and organiser pocket
You can also get the A5 size are available at SGD23. It came with 100 pages of refill including lines, square, dotted and blank. There is no option for no refill. 

Out of all 3 planners, this is easily the best choice if you want to look for something like Kikki K without the real leather. The reason being that they have a wide colour choices including Mint Green (I originally wanted to buy this. But my agent made an mistake so I got an alternative instead. Still depress whenever I thought about it. I have the urge to get it like every 2-3 weeks. But I keep stopping myself in time O__O) white, gold (Yes that gold!), pink, orange, yellow, dark blue and lime green. So it make organising extra extra fun and colourful.

The planner came in a box! So it seem like a gift ūüôā

Look simply stunning for a organiser! I love the divider. It is glossy and rather thick.

The front have 6 cards slots + one packet.

The back pocket contains a extra horizontal slot which can be used for stickers ūüôā

The imprinted logo is inside the organiser.

I cannot say how much I love this organiser. Firstly the seller included all the necessary stuffs – including ruler, protector sheet and the divider. So you do not have to spend any extra. Then The divider are so useful for organising my thoughts. On the down side, this planner is slightly heavier as compare to Ben’z Store so it is not really useful to bring out for an A5 size ūüôā Now I just need to resist buying the mint green one. I really want T__T

Pen Loop

The pen loop are against each other. I uses Pilot G-2 XS (No idea where this pen came from. Just found it lying around my house one day ;-)) and Platinum Preppy in my favourite shade of pink.

Paper Quality
There is no information on the paper quality but like the other two organisers, it will bleed through.

You can clearly see that the Dokibook ruler is much thicker and clearer to see.

As compared, there isn’t any marking on the divider for Dokibook whereas there is some marking on Jamie Notes. I flipped both organiser as often as each other.


One thought on “Review: China Brands Organizer/Planner

  1. […] Another animal-friendly alternative is a china brand called LoveDoki. They comes in a variety of colours, shapes and material. They launched an canvas version which is so beautiful. But again, I do not need another planner. In fact, I have 3 such planners at home. They even have a English friendly website which anyone who don’t understand Chinese. But I prefer to order from the source at Taobao. If you are lucky like me who can understand the beautiful Chinese language, there are¬†also¬†a few other brands on Taobao which you can consider. I have compared 2 other brands against LoveDoki in my previous post. […]


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