Write down what you want to buy BEFORE buy anything at all.

One way to really minimalism is by not spending money to get new things. Of course it isn’t really possible in long term! 😀 Especially for a used-to-be-shopaholic like me! I must admit I have not progress to that stage of being really minimalism yet! One example is I still have lots of PENS! But I do feel that I am changing for some things like clothes, bags etc. One step at a time I guess!

The best way that I would recommend is to write down what you want to get and THINK over it before committing any spend. Now you might ask – What if its for something I really need it urgently? Something which you need it urgently should be manage in such a way that you purchase when it is running out. For e.g. – coffee which you always drink in the morning for breakfast. Buy one pack at one time. When it run really low, like left 3-4 packets, then it is time to buy! For such cases, I do not include them as it is already in a order/system. There are of course emergency cases which will be excluded from this process 🙂 For e.g. your shoe broke and you are on your way to an client’s meeting. Of course you need new one even though you may have a couple of shoes at home which can be easily replaced.

Now why is this useful? When you write down, you make a point to think! When you think, you wouldn’t spend unnecessary. You would really think if its a need or just something you want? Is it something that align with the minimalism you are trying to achieve?

A real life scenario: Last week, I was facing a shoe problem. I wore one of the worst shoe I have from Madden Girl. The reason I bought that shoe is that unlike Toms (okay the design is similar to Toms), it is all man-made! Anyway somehow the shoes is very slippery even when not on rainy day. I have been wanting to toss it away. Last week I wore it and it was raining heavily during lunch time. In normal case, I will walk slowly to the nearest place to get food and return back to my office. But on that day I was having a lunch gathering with a couple of colleagues. So I couldn’t miss. I survived a walk (15 mins) to the venue and back to my office (another 15mins). Phew. But that’s it! I am tossing it away as after nearly 5 hours, it is still not dry yet! On my way back home, I thought about shoes, shoes, shoes. The best way to replace is to get an handmade shoe. I was on the verge to order an vegan shoes online. But I stopped myself in time as it is also very expensive. But the main thing that stopped me is that I still have a few pairs of shoes around! I wished they were all broken so I can buy a pretty handmade vegan shoes though. But I guess not for the next few months or so. I had written all these down so I was able to make a  rational decision not to buy yet. In the past, I didn’t write it down anywhere. Instead I went online, clicked and ordered. So there isn’t any “decision making” process at all!


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