Simple beauty tools

There are so many beauty tools out there to make our life so much easier! Here’s are my favourites few:

Fringe cutter + stainless steel scissor aliexpress, USD4

There are various supplier on aliexpress that sell the same or similar product. They are about USD4-USD10 and they shipped almost worldwide! Mine is the pink version which comes with a  stainless steel scissor! This is a very simple tool. Use the clipper to clip to your fringe and then use the scissor to cut. This is great for people like me who loves to keep a fringe all the time. I do go to hairstylist once 3-4 months. But my fringe obviously grow faster. I find it a waste of money if my hair haven’t reach the length to cut yet. I used to ask my mum to cut for me. But it was a painful experience as she is really precise and nags a lot 😛 Now I am not saying I don’t like her nagging. But you know I just want to get over with it. She will work faster if she talk less! Anyway this tool is really not for perfectionist who want a saloon-standard cut. The cut turn out to be not that perfect. But I guess you could always trim after that!

Olay cleansing system watson, S$49.90

Of course I didn’t buy at Watson! Being a smart shopper, I went online and found a couple of cheaper deal on qoo10. I think I got it at 10bucks cheaper. But anyway, if you get from US, I think it would be even more cheaper. 

Now I think all woman should own an cleansing system! Not every woman can afford Clarisonic obviously. But everyone should have something similar. I admit I have been lazy (this is the reason why I do not want to get clarisonic although I could afford it!). But this is nevertheless a great tool to clean your face.

Hair patch daiso S$2

This work just like a velco tape. So you just have to stick to your hair and you can hold it up. This is very good if you want to clean your face but your fringe is blocking. It is also good for makeup application!

Ped Egg aliexpress USD3

This is a simple and cheap tool to exfoliate your foot! It used to be release by the television advertising people. But now they have a new version. So it is no longer available. But I haven’t try out the new version. anyway I got this from china’s taobao and you can get it from aliexpress! I couldn’t find any supplier selling the new version.

Mysmoothlegs Mysmoothlegs, USD19.90

This is a natural hair remover. I haven’t use it for a long time as you can see it is not in the best shape 😛 But the last time I use it is very smooth. Personally I would prefer it rather than shaving. But shaving is much quicker!


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