It does matter where it is manufactured in!

My mum has this old kettle which she don’t want to throw away. It still works like a charm! After a few hours, the water are still rather hot! This morning I was chatting with her about her beloved kettle and why she keep it even though it is old. It turned out it was given to her by my grandmother. And she say it is this is a good product as it is Made in Japan. I looked throughout the kettle and there is a little printed sign that say Made in Japan.

I am indeed curious about the brand which is called Peacock. So I went online and google them. There is some product information. They have obviously moved on with their design after so many years. They no longer have this design that my mum have. But they have the usual colourful plain ones that many other vacuum bottle manufacturer have. 🙂 I was intrigued by their design and in fact, I was thinking of getting one!

To my delight, I found out they have a office in Shanghai now. So I went to Taobao and search. They have a shop on taobao. But much to my disappointment, they are now manufactured in China. I haven’t notice their products in the department store so I am not sure if all of their products are now manufactured in China.

Do not get me wrong. I have nothing against product manufactured in China! In fact I have this bottle that is manufactured in China by a local China brand. I uses at the office all the time! It is starting to show wear and tear. But it is still a beautiful bottle that function like what it is suppose to!

The difference between them is that the local brand is much cheaper. Although the Japanese brand is also manufactured in china, but somehow it is much more expensive than local brands. I guess it got to do with the brand itself. I know peacock is a much more reputable brand. But I don’t find a point to spend so much more for something where I can get it much cheaper. So it is really a different story if it is manufactured in Japan. Since we know how lasting that could be, I guess my mum or I wouldn’t mind to fork out much more money to get one. So it really matters where is it manufactured in!


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