Weekly roundup – 29 April to 3 May

So I decided to use a new format in my weekly round-up. Instead of using the week number, I would be using the date. I didn’t do a round-up last week so I would be writing everything for the past 2 weeks!

What have I been busy with?
So I couldn’t write an round-up last week as I have been rather busy. Firstly it was work. I came home slightly late everyday. It took my energy away and I just want to rest and do nothing else!

Then I was distracted by….. TV! I don’t watch much Korean drama but I do catch a bit here and there during my dinner time. I like to watch something while having my meals. This is very bad for health but it is a habit I simply cannot change. So last week or so, I found out the channel that I was watching my Korean drama on has extended the time for an extra hour. An full extra hour! which means originally it is supposed to be ending at 8pm but instead it will end at 9pm! Not only that, they also broadcasted a Japanese drama which I wanted to watch for a long time. So I couldn’t resist keeping myself free for television from 10-11pm!

My usual schedule is like this:
7-8pm: Dinner, TV, after work resting
8-8.30pm: Bath
8.30pm-bedtime: Stuffs I need to do.

My now schedule:
7-9pm: Dinner, TV, after work resting
9-9.30pm: Bath
9.30pm: Stuffs I need to do
10-11pm: TV time (again)
… and straight to bed!

So you can imagine the past few days on weekdays hasn’t been very useful! I have done much lesser work. Uh this is really bad as I don’t like to be doing less things. But the good news is the Japanese show is ending soon! So I will go back to less hectic schedule. Hoping I would catch up with my work soon!

Other than that I have been busy reading on…… NORTH KOREA! I don’t know how but a couple of days ago, I came across something which prompted me to read up on NK. I am fascinated by everything I have read. I know they are a country that are mysterious but I didn’t know about so many stuffs – e.g. how the citizen is unable to access the internet as freely. There is a couple of books on this mysterious which I am interested to read 🙂

World Book Day
So 23 April was World Book Day so I took my morning off from work to visit Kinokuniya. They are giving out a free Black Penguin Classic to all members.

I was expecting the store to be crowded at opening. But only a couple of people dropped by to get their free copy. I guess next time I shall come by after work? 🙂

I also decided to purchase one of Stephen King’s books as it is the last day of their 20% discount! I was eyeing at Christine originally but the book is too thick as I wanted a new book for my upcoming holiday! Btw my favourite Stephen King’s books are 11/22/63 followed by The Shining and Carrie! I thought I will enjoy Under the Dome but I keep stopping it 😦 But I guess at some point of my life, I will finish that book!!

They have a similar event for yesterday’s Free Comic Book Day. But I am not really a fan of comic/manga etc. So I didn’t go down. And its on a Saturday so probably there would be crowd.

On the same subject, I backed this wonderful SciFi project a while back… Scifi book is just so WOW. So I got myself a lifetime subscription! I got my code last week and have signed up for an account. I am probably going to start reading something soon.

Face to face promotion
Can I say I hate such promotion? I do get it once in a while. But recently I feel like there is too much of them and  it started to get on my nerve. I mean bothering people at the mall is fine as it is a public space. But visiting people at their house is like really just plain annoying. People could be in the middle of something important – e.g. a phone-call. I noticed they never ask if you are okay for a small chat. They just went straight to the topic. Yesterday yet another “company” came to visit my house. Originally I thought it was the deliveryman. Some courier company do deliver on weekend now. So I went to answer the door. Turn out to be some insurance agent people promoting some insurance stuffs. If I want insurance, I will go get one. I do not need people to “brainwash” me into buying one. So in order to get out of the conversation I just say 1) I am not working.(I look young anyway) 2) I never work not even part time. (They can’t tell anyway) 3) My parents are not in. (Truth). One of the sale person even ask me about my age. I gave her the “none-of-your-business” look. I think they don’t really believe it as she asked me to confirm again. I was in the middle of doing some work so I really can’t bother to chat with these annoying people. I know it is their job. But really I am sure they are grown up who knows there are better jobs out there.

Minimalism, To do
Last week I finally threw away some expired snack. I got some muesli bars from Australia last year when I visited. I realise they were expired when I wanted to eat a couple of months ago. They were cheaper as Australia is the manufacturing country. Anyway since they are cheaper, I got greedy and bought too much. I went online and check – Some website claimed that such dry snack are actually still okay even after expired date. The snack will just lose the flavour and maybe much less crunchier. I did have 1 or 2 even though they are expired. Ya, it tasted all right. But soon I forgot about them again. Last week i realise they are expired for a few months. So it is really not safe to eat them anymore. A self-note to myself not to get greedy and buy too much snack. I am not really a snack person. I going eat snack when I feel hungry at work. I can go by months without having snack!

Next is my to do, planning stuffs…
Firstly the budgeting I started a couple of weeks back is officially fail 😛 1) I am suppose to do this on Sunday but Sunday is my busy day as my nieces are always around. So I don’t really have much time. 2) I always run out of $2 notes which I am suppose to be using. :/ But I am happy to say that this is just a concept that do not need actual action for it to work. I keep this in my mind everyday and I spend less than what I wanted to budget! I need to think of a way to fix this system again!

Secondly, It almost come naturally…. but I stop using my passion planner. It has been a week? I kinda stop bringing to work. I don’t know. I just feel the A6 organiser I am using as my daily notebook seems to be enough for me. It is pointless for me to write something and ultimately I have a similar schedule almost everyday. Furthermore I uses the bigger A5 organiser at home. So I am kinda used to the system. Oh well I will try to write something in my passion planner and see how it goes for next week.


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