Scented candles

Okay, the other day I was doing some research for my company. Then I came across a holistic healing website. that sort of stuffs. I don’t know… but it somehow leads me to looking at scented candles online. Don’t tell my boss that!!

Anyway un-surprisedly there are many brand of candles online and they are not exactly cheap! Yankee Candles from US have several outlets in Singapore. Wow It seems like only yesterday that I read about their first outlet was opened at Great World City. And yes I haven’t visit any of the shops (No surprise again) after so long. For lazy people like me who buy EVERYTHING online, they have an online store yay! Just order at least S$50 to get it shipped for free. It is easily achievable since Yankee Candles aren’t exactly cheap. Anyway the website doesn’t feel like its updated. The collection is still reading “2014….” I don’t know just feel that there isn’t much stuffs as compared to the main US site. I found out that Yankee Candle in Singapore is operated by an local sole distributor. This is probably why the website isn’t that updated. A google search – “Candle Singapore” bought up another brand called Woodwick. Again, free shipping for S$50. Otherwise there is a whole bunch of places you can pop by to get. As compare, Woodwick do not have their own stores. They are slightly cheaper also.

Then finally there is some other Singapore based online candles shop. But I didn’t know any of their brands and they aren’t cheap.

Alternatively, iHerb that ship to Singapore very cheaply or free have a small collection. But the stuffs on iHerb are usually brands that I have never heard of and they are organic, natural. The flavour they have doesn’t look appealing 😛

Anyway I didn’t purchase online cos you need to go smell it before buying? And I don’t want to get too many yet. See I still remember my minimalism goal!

So I took an morning off last Thursday to celebrate World Book Day by visiting Kinokuniya. I thought I could take a chance to find an scented candle!

I wasn’t really look for an scented candle in Precious Thots. But I found it anyway!
They were having Mother Day promotion. It cost only $15.90 instead of $19.90! This is one of the cheapest I saw so far. So I decided to buy one. Originally I picked berries flavoured but after that I decided to get Sweet Orange and Grapefruit which have the strongest smell. They also have Gardenia flavour which I don’t really like.

I couldn’t find any information online. I thought Ashlyn Anne could be an in-house brand from Precious Thots. They have other products like bags, pouch, hand cream so this is a brand that combines like Cath Kidston and Crabtree and Evelyn.

I love the packaging. It seems like an gift box! So elegance! It is made of thick box so it could double up as an gift box. No wrapping is required. Or you can keep and recycled it when you need to wrap gift 🙂

I was expecting the sale assistant to wrap my candle in bubblewrap or something. I mean how am I suppose to be carrying it (I was using my baggu backpack on that day. That’s right no cushion and always messy… but she only put it in a plastic bag. I left and went to a restaurant for lunch and quickly open up to see the packaging. I feel like an idiot. But they are packaged in such a way that the candle jar itself would be secure! The top part is covered in a wood cover.

There wasn’t any information about the candle on the packaging. The sign at the shop shown that it is soy wax candle. Well, I guess it is a mixture of orange and grapefruit. I asked the sale assistant how long it last. She say if I burn every night, it could be up to 2 months. Seriously? I don’t know if I hear right?! Anyway I will return with review when I start burning it.


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