This week I am going to talk about BACKPACK!
Firstly, why I need to talk about this? I am planning my vacation as mentioned. So naturally, I was planning “what to bring” that sort of stuffs. After traveling to several places, I realise…. a backpack is the right way to travel. I sort of borrowed my mum’s backpack when I was at taiwan a couple of years ago. And it was really really really much easier. But somehow I didn’t use one when I went to a 2 weeks trip to Australia last year. I regretted it everyday. Anyway, I decided that I would bring one for my upcoming trip.
And personally I hate anything that distracted me when using escalator. It is that sort of thing that make me feel even more nervous when I am already very nervous! I NEVER carries anything on my hand and tuck all extra straps/anything that will distract me into my pocket. A backpack would definitely help as NOTHING would be distracting me.

What is the main consideration when buying a backpack? The design, the functions or something else?
Well, I would say the backpack in the market aren’t very much different from one another. Most of them looks like the same. It is either the “Jansport” style or laptop bag style with slight variation in design/function or that cooler bag style.

So last year or so, I saw an interesting backpack design on Kickstarter.

I was blown away. I was minutes away from the campaign closing but I decided not to get it as it only comes in GREY. GREY, GREY, GREY…. I don’t know I just don’t like GREY. It make my stuffs look dull and boring. I do love the leather clutch by Popbasic. It is in GREY. But just not for backpack.

Then I saw PX! Another I was blown away. I mean the video look soooo good.

I don’t go gym, I don’t bring laptop but I do want a backpack that look good.

Now wait…. didn’t I want to go minimalism? That was before I started. Anyway…I have my reason(s)!

Baggu I do love Baggu, everything! (except the leather stuffs okay I am ACTUALLY secretly in love with the leathery stuffs.) But truth is… their backpack is really painful to be carried. I always cannot find things. There is no pocket and no compartment at all (The later version (as pictured below) have compartment at the front though and the one on their website now – Features two front pockets with concealed zippers, and two open front pockets for easy access). There is no padding so I always have to adjust the stuffs in order not to make my back ache! The shoulder strap is painful to be carried also. So in conclusion, Baggu Backpack is really just a pretty backpack! But being canvas cotton – it should be much lasting!

Mine is the old backpack in the very popular nutmeg colour! Mine do not have any front compartment. 

Photo from Karmaloop 

Muji Again, I am a big fan of Muji. But they pretty much have the same problem. It is a backpack, a normal backpack…. so there is nothing interesting about it. I got one in red though which is a beautiful red. But in reality it doesn’t have much functionality.

Photo from ShiftEast

So after thinking, considering, rethinking and reconsidering, I decided to BUY the PX bag.
After waiting and waiting, I am so happy to finally received it.

But……….. damn, its so big! (I am really petite) so no I don’t like it at first impression.

Hey but really its just me who don’t look at the measurement. Uh yes, I don’t have the habit of looking at measurement. This habit has since been changed.

Then they uses leather at some part. damn, It was stated in the details. But… somehow I ignored it. It was only recently that I realise I should be really really stop using real leather products too.

Anyway the damage is done. Overall it is a beautiful backpack. I still love it. The thing about kickstarter products? yeah, they are good (some of them anyway!) but you cannot really sell it away cos they are mainly new startup. I mean who would spend 100bucks to get a backpack that you have never heard of. If you are into crowdfunding and stuffs, maybe you will. But majority of the people aren’t.

Now I am going to talk about how I feel after using it for 1 day. Yesterday I decided to carry this to work.
On the previous night, I tried putting my MacBook Pro 15″ (old model without retina) but it is not comfortable at all if I place it at the designated area. I moved it to the main compartment. It feels MUCH better.

So the designated area for laptop might be better for document? anyway other than that the bag is comfortable. It does not add on too much weight so I don’t feel tired. It is huge so you can really put lots of stuffs in it. Being a big bag, you keep people away from you which is important if you are on a crowded train. There are poster around asking you to “bag down” but really using a backpack is a good way to keep people from a distance. I don’t know about you – but I hate it when people literally just stand very close to you. It irritates me when their back lean against mine. ARGH. Sometimes I use my bag to push people away. But sometimes some people just don’t care! Space, people!

There is different compartments so I will not experience the “cannot find things” situation which I always do with my Baggu or Muji backpack. My umbrella are tucked neatly into the ‘secret” side pocket. My iPad Mini which I often take out on commuting to work are placed in the side pocket which is accessible without taking off the bag. If I needed to, I can just slide it to the side EASY! The rest of the small stuffs are in the front compartment whereas important stuffs like wallet are in the main compartment.

It would even better if….
1) Not THAT big.
2) Have inner compartment such as this:

I have been looking at eBags for the past couple of days. But they do not ship internationally (Argh?!) so shipping does not make sense!
I am so into organising this year. So having inner organisation compartment really really helps.

So conclusion, I need another bag…. HAHAHAHA!


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