Weekly roundup: Third week of April

I have been busy at work working on a proposal. So I am rather tired this week! Admitting that not much work have been done due to this. This week my colleague and I have a couple of private discussion regarding our work environment. I feel like things are changing ever since one of our colleagues left and we don’t like it. But I guess we have to get used to it. Things aren’t used to be the way they are. I guess we need to buckle up.

Television and reading
So I completed House of Cards and started on Better call Saul. I love the spinoff! It has the same vibe as Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is not really one of my all-time favourite shows. But I do enjoyed it 🙂 Although I don’t have an favourite character but I do like Saul and Mike. They are interesting in their own ways. It is interesting they are in this spinoff together.

Well, This is my 2015 Reading Challenge. Yes it is a lot lesser as compare to last 2 years. But I do want to take things slowly.

I completed reading Shopaholic to the Stars yesterday when I returned home from my trip to Kinokuniya.
I have been wanting to read this. The reviews aren’t that good everywhere on the internet. But strangely, I still do enjoy that book. How do I determined whether I like the book or not? Very often it is how long I taken to read it. I completed it in a few hours and couldn’t go to sleep without finishing it. It has the same format as the previous books – Becky trying to change > Becky have some thoughts/things to do > Becky screwed up > Becky put things right. I don’t see how bad it is. Ya maybe she is a mother. She ought to grow up a little bit and you know not thinking about shopping all the times. But it is who she is. The book ended up in a cliffhanger. Damn, I got to buy the book via Kindle when it has been released.

I feel very sad that I am going to miss our second family vacation! Due to the nation turning 50, we have one extra day of holiday on 7 August and the national day itself fall on a Sunday which means Monday is an holiday. My family planned for a short get-away to Malaysia. But I am stuck in Singapore as I need to attend a friend’s wedding on the 8th. I wished that I could skip this but she is really like my best friend in the world. It is strange that we don’t keep in contact much in my daily life. But she is someone who I always turn to when I need help. especially for work! So there is no way I am not attending her wedding. 😦

My Taiwan planning is on a hold until I get a firm confirmation from my sister. Anyway there is little to be done as I just need to find the direction and book a couple of transports and we are good to go.

But I have a little secret. I am hoping to overcome my fear of escalator by then. 😦

To-do, Minimalism
I was going to write an detailed post of this. But one of my shipments went missing and it is taking its time to be shipped again. So I am just going to write a short post without going into too much details of the product. What I am using is a FauxFilofax from Taobao! This is the exact same agenda/planner/organiser thing from Filofax or Kikki K.

Once again this is how it look like. It is an A5 size which is probably too big to be carried in my daily bag! So I kept it on my desk.

The planner itself comes with a divider which is really much more useful for a planner. Since I have a daily planner, I don’t use this as a planner. But it doesn’t mean the divider is not useful! I could have get a new divider but it would cost at least 3-4bucks and it may not be necessary. But anyway I am going to consider it again in a month time. In the meantime, This is how I am making use of the dividers!

Monthly – Notes for the month. For my case, I am using it to write my vacation plan as this is something I doing this month.

Weekly – things I am need to do weekly – task list. One thing about my planner? I don’t like the limited space it has. So this would comes useful.

Today – Minimalism note. To me, minimalism is a daily affair. So it should be always be in my Today agenda 🙂 I have pages where I just write my thoughts on my buying decision.

List & To Do – Shopping list, To Do etc. All kinds of list.
(I missed the picture for this)
Favorite – Kickstarter tracker, online purchase etc

Account – What I have spend.

I have another size in A6. I bought it for comparison purposes (it would be in detail in that post I am doing)

The size is great. Its not too heavy for me to bring out. In fact, was happily writing on the bus until someone came to sit beside. She was very inconsiderate as she position her arm against my arm to play with her cellphone. That obstructed my thoughts so I gave up writing. Thanks Inconsiderate stranger! One good thing about such planner is that you can always take out the paper! This was this big problem in my previous daily notebook as my notes were all over the place. I need divider. I need to rip off pages that I no longer need! With this, I can write and take out the pages and put in my A5 planner when I reach home. So it sort of transfer over.
Now maybe I should just stick on one? Maybe I should. But I decided to get both (okay there is another one coming) as I wanted to do a product review. So yeah. I will stick to one next time.


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