Recycle old stuffs instead of buying

I did came across a couple of times during my minimalism that I kinda wish I haven’t throw away something.

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a tray/container/something to store a pile of stuffs I have on my cabinet. I remembered I have something like this but threw away as I thought I wouldn’t need it.
Then there was this one time I was looking for a top or dress but I realise I threw it away 😦 But then I have so many other apparel that I quickly forget about it!

When it come to such scenario, the best thing to do is always find something from your house instead of getting a new one! So I made use of the boxes that memebox shipped my subscription box with. I didn’t throw them away as they are in hot pink – the exact shade of pink that I love. I knew I would find them useful someday…. I quickly found a couple of use for it. I have another box storing my sticky notes 🙂

What I did was to cut off the top (the closing part), tape the cut edge with simple tape, use a sharpie to create label on a sticky note and paste it on the box. Well, of course if I spend a little more time I could have decorate the box beautifully. But It works like just I wanted.

Recycling is definitely a useful technique in minimalism. Because if you get new things, you might know if they ended up being used or just laying around waiting for your attention. It is wasting money and you “own” more things than you need. For recycled stuffs, you can easily throw them away if they ended up not being used or no longer required.


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