Kinokuniya Members’ Sale

Kinokuniya is my all-time favourite bookstores for books! They have a wide range of English, Chinese and Japanese books. While other local bookstores seems to have trouble with keeping their stores open, Kinokuniya have been expanding. There was a very long time that they only have 3 outlets. But in the recent years, 1 new more new outlet was opened. I read that they do have plan to expand more!

A couple of years ago, I decided to sign up for their membership as their newer outlet is close to where I am staying. Their membership isn’t exactly cheap –  a 2 years-membership which I choose costs S$38.50.  It is very expensive if you seldom buy books. But it is really a good deal if you buy a lot of books as you can get discount throughout the year. And…. they have members’ sale several times a year. They are usually 15% if I am not wrong. But occasionally they have 20%. So yesterday was the starting of their 20% sale to celebrate World Book Day which is on 23 April (last day of the sale). They are also giving a Penguin Little Black Classic on Thursday for their members 🙂 I will be taking half day off. haha 🙂 Anyway I couldn’t resist visiting the store for the 20% discount! Sometimes they extended the sale to their online webstore. I purchased it once and it was delivered very promptly by Ta-Q-Bin. I didn’t have to pay for shipping.

Instead of visiting my usual outlet, I decided to go to the main outlet. I used to go there like every week with a friend who was obsessed with Japanese magazines a couple years back. (Back-story: She cannot read Japanese. But they have nice freebie! Of course obsession dies down. Me? I am doing minimalism. So no thank you!)

Early this year or was it last year?, they moved to a level up. I have not been visiting. So I thought yesterday was a good time for me to go visit. The new store look a little confusing at first as some of the sections are different – for e.g. the Japanese books and Chinese books section are too close! The exit is not at all obvious. I walked in circle before I realise I missed the exit. But it is a good place to get lost in :O It seems smaller? But then I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at every corner as the store was rather crowded. 

Like I said they have a wide range of books! Their price isn’t exactly cheap. I mean it is still slightly expensive if you compare to buying online. But hey I got to support the local bookstores once in a while. I don’t want to ended up like having to get everything online. 😦

I haven’t notice it before. But they do have a wide range of Filofax. I resisted asking the Sales Assistant to open up the display for me to touch 😛 But I will put this in my note. I would probably go back to them if I ever need a Filofax again. I am now using FauxFilofax HAHA!

They also have Midori Traveller Notebook and the refills. Despite the fact that the refill of the fauxdori from china are much cheaper, but I decided to get another one of the authentic refill as they are Made In Japan. I got a kraft pouch also as I wanted to put my confirmations in it. I noticed they have the limited Edition Pam Am stuffs. But I didn’t bother with them as they are probably expensive. But urgh they are pretty! And they have really nice, beautiful notebooks/notepads from Japan. It is hard to resist so I ended up buying one notepad in my favourite cartoon character – Rilakumma. I just couldn’t resist Strawberry + France 😀

Lastly, pen! I must say it is a blessing that I don’t visit this main store often.  First thing I look for when I visit the pen area? The Zebra Chupa Chups that I have eyeing! It is really the cheapest in town. Believe me, I compared! After the 10% discount (for stationary), it cost SGD21.19! That’s not all. They have other designs which I couldn’t resist. Well, I didn’t buy all. So it is still cut down in some sense 😛 They carried a widest range of Kawaii pens – from Japan. There is others like Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty etc. Why am I tempted by Kawaii pens? = = This is why I cannot visit Japan! Kawaii stationaries will kill me. I didn’t see Platinum Preppy but I do see Pilot Kakuno. But I need to ask the Sale Assistant to get it out for me. So I decided to skip it as that area was crowded.


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