Face to face donation

A couple of times I came across people who came to my doorstep to explain about a charity cause. They always say that they are not here to “sell” something. But ultimately they want you to …. donate…. I rejected them both times! Sorry, but I will do charity at my own time!

So today, out of curiosity, I googled them. It turned out that they are a professional fund-raising company being outsourced by the charity organisation. Huh.

1) They are being paid to do a job. Okay, poor them. Running around at night and in the sun. But I am just not so comfortable with that idea. It should be made known to me when they start talking?
2) They expected you to donate monthly. It sounds really just like a newspaper subscription where you get billed monthly. I asked if its possible to stop the billing anytime I wanted to. They were vague about details…. It is possible but they prefer not to….
I am much more comfortable if I can donated one month and you know not being billed again. until I kinda want to.
3) They want you to make decision instantly. One thing about me – I weight in all factors before making any decision. Moreover this concern MONEY. I am not rich or earn a lot.

I would have donate if I get to donate one-time at any amount I wanted to. I would even be gladly to donate much more than I would normally do. But this just doesn’t make me feel comfortable. Sorry kids.


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