Weekly roundup: Second week of April

I almost don’t feel like not writing anything as not much have been done. But then I thought I should keep this going to decluttered my thoughts!

Not much going on for this week. I am still not too sure on my career path but I feel like I will get some enlightenment soon.

Television and reading
I finally visited the library again and borrowed two books from Agatha Christie. I am looking forward to completing at least one next week.

Almost the whole week has been spend on catching up on House of Cards. It is getting very exciting! I am watching Better Call Saul next. This is a spinoff of Breaking Bad which I enjoyed watching last year. And Saul is an interesting character in my opinion!

Now people always say too much television isn’t good. But I find watching television make me happy. I wasn’t watching any television shows for a few weeks and somehow, I just feel my mood was changing. I am always moody. Anyway it distracted me from spending too much times on “shopping” 😛 It sounds like this is what I always do. Sigh. Sometimes I wish my brain would function differently!

My sister has been indecisive about the hotels. But finally she went ahead and made the reservation. I laughed at my mum when she got too anxious and told us to make the booking quickly. I told her there is plenty of hotels around. But after a week or so, I myself got very anxious when nothing has been finalised. I guess I just feel relieved when you know you will have a place to stay before flying in. Anyway I have to change my itinerary…

To-do, Minimalism
Previously I shared about my notebooks. So I have been thinking for a while now and finally decided that I have too many notebooks! Now this really related to the “minimalism” concept. By having more than one notebook, my thoughts are “distributed” everywhere and it make me feel very clouded. I think I lost focus. Just like your room/kitchen/etc, if you have too many things, you wouldn’t know which one is important to you! So you lose focus!

So yesterday, I decided to get rid of most of my notebooks!
I will talk about this planner in details soon. But this is what I left on my desk together with one of the fauxdori (for vacation plan) and my daily planner (passion planner). With this new organisation system, I hope I get back into focus really soon!

Kickstarter projects, shopping etc!
This week has been a busy week as I received a lot of stuffs.
Firstly, I got my batch of fauxdori which I have shared in the previous post. I am well aware of the fact that this does not really align with my life goal. But I decided to buy them anyway as I want to do something interesting for my blog. I am looking to stop this. In fact, I will only replace them when they are spoil. Then I also have a couple of planners which I will share in details. My “some clutch” from kickstarter finally arrived. I must admit I am really in love with that clutch due to its great functionality. I uses two times already! But because their customer service really do sucks, I am not going to post an review like I always do. 😛 Z-charge which I mentioned in a old post has also arrived. I was so excited that I went to set up as soon as I can. I messed up a little….and I missed my regular bath time and went to bed late. Woke up with an headache. I couldn’t concentrate at work and have to ask for a early release…. I got home 1.5 hours earlier. I feel a bit paranoid  here but I removed the plug from my bed.. I will try to place them properly and test again. Probably on a Saturday 🙂 I also backed this campaign in KS. HAHAHA, no review either as they are rather hard to write a post on. But they are so comfortable!


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