Review – China brand fauxdori

Being a stationary lover, of course I love Midori! But the authentic one from Japan uses real leather which is a big no no for me! So last month or so, I have been trying to search for alternative.
While it is possible to make one of your own, but I am not THAT talented. So I have never attempt to try them myself. I found some lovely ones on Etsy. But most of them are just too expensive with the added shipping costs. I have mentioned this a couple of times – And not everything on Etsy is handmade by the seller even though some sellers bluntly claimed so. I have reported one of the sellers to Etsy but sadly no action was taken! Anyway, I decided to search for one on my all-time favourite shopping sites, Taobao! If you are looking for a real leather alternative, Taobao have lots of choices too. But I don’t encourage that haha =) One good thing to buy from Taobao is that they are much cheaper so it is really a good place to start and see if you like the midori way.

I purchased 3 different kinds! They are of different material!

I’ll start with the BRIGHT one first! I was so excited to see one in my favourite colours. Bright Pink. It just make writing much more fun!

It cost Chinese Yuan 38 = USD6.12 with 3 inserts and a pack of additional bands! With shipping, it probably added up to less than USD12!

The material is made of PU leather which is very soft. The inner side is contrasting pastel purple which I love!

The top of the fauxdori. It is an open cut.

Extra bands + beads included for you to add inserts or to change when you get sick of the colour.

Now, what I don’t like about this fauxdori:

The band stained on the insert! 😦 But if you are careful, it probably affect one minor portion of one page. So it is really not a big deal.

Now for the inserts. The seller offers 10 kinds of inserts  including 2 types of PVC pockets. The insert costs from Chinese Yuan 3.80 = USD0.61 to Chinese Yuan 7.80 = USD1.26. The seller gave a warning that this is not FP-friendly 🙂 Well, for that price, of course it isn’t! The information on the website indicate this is made of 80g dowling paper. The cover for the insert is in a cream white… something different!

What I love about the insert is that it is so colourful!

Monthly Plan

Weekly Plan

List. I love writing list. So this is a great insert. 

Square and Lines are plain though.

PVC pockets.

A side by side comparison with the authentic Midori regular Insert. There isn’t any significant different in term of size. The one from Dokibook is slightly bigger by 0.2cm. But an authentic insert would definitely work on this fauxdori. This is great for people who want an alternate insert – maybe one that is FP-friendly! 

Other beautiful colours:

Duga is another brand. This brand is rather similar to Midori in terms of the products packaging. This brand also offers lifestyle stuffs like Kraft/Felt pouch which is very similar to another lifestyle brand, Muji.

The seller offers both types of fauxdori with different materials.

They both priced at the same price and will cost Chinese Yuan 19.90 = USD3.21 with 1 insert and an additional band! With shipping, it probably added up to less than USD7!

The one on the right is made of thick felt.

The top of the fauxdori.

The one on the left (Brown) is made of combination of washed paper (outer) + felt (inner)

The seller also offer insert for its fauxdori including two types of PVC insert. The inserts costs from Chinese Yuan 6.19 = USD 1 to Chinese Yuan 9.90 = USD1.60. I couldn’t find any information on the type of paper for the insert.

somehow I prefer the PVC insert from this seller. It just feel more thicker.

yay I love kraft paper so happy to find a kraft inserts!

A side by side comparison with the authentic Midori regular Insert. There isn’t any significant different in term of size. The one from Duga is slightly bigger by 0.1cm. But an authentic insert would definitely work on this fauxdori.

The seller also have additional band which cost Chinese Yuan 9.90 = USD1.60
You can also purchase individual colour at Chinese Yuan 1.80 = USD0.29.

I added a deer charm into my brown fauxdori as I intended to use it for my holiday. The last time I was at Taiwan, my tour guide mentioned about Formosan sika deer which is significant to Taiwan. So I used this charm to represent Taiwan.

In conclusion, all 3 types of fauxdori are great as you don’t need to break a bank to try the midori way. If you don’t like it, you are just throwing USD10++ into the bin rather than spending USD40! They offer great price on inserts as well. which is cost saving in long terms. Obviously these notebook may not last as compare the authentic one. But I think it is a good alternative if you are looking for cheaper alternative such as cheaper insert.


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