Weekly roundup: First week of April

Again, Time flies. 

Work has been rather depressing. My manager left the organisation at the beginning of the week. It was really sad that it finally is happening. Then I learnt something… which I unfortunately cannot elaborate. I actually kinda expected. But still when I learnt about it, I am still very sad. I given myself a few days to “recover” and I will do some planning next week. I am still quite “lost” for my career progression. Sigh. I must always remember that everyone have a different career path. Ultimately I would want to start on a career which I would be enjoying.

Long weekend
We had Friday off for holiday. So it was considered a long weekend. I didn’t plan for anything as I thought I would just take my time slowly doing whatever I have in my mind. I am feeling a bit guilty that I didn’t do much work as I would normally do.

So I spend my 3 days resting and enjoy some television shows. I wanted to start watching some Japanese television serials as a couple of my friends are starting to get obsessed with Japanese television serials. We have been talking about this all week. It has also been a while since I watch J-drama…. so I googled for one of my favourite actors, Matsumoto Jun and see what I can watch. I choose his latest show – Shitsuren Chocolatier which happened to be a not-quite-exciting show. Well, I do love J-drama… But this show is just kinda weird. haha. But I did watch about 3 episodes before I decided it is too much for the day! In between that and on Saturday, I tried to plan my itinerary for taiwan. But unfortunately nothing much came out of it. I still haven’t book my hotels which is very frustrating. But my sister and her husband are so indecisive! Sigh. I will need to pressurise her next week.

This morning, I suddenly remember I haven’t been catching up with one of my favourite shows, Grey’s anatomy. So I went online and found the rest of the episodes that I have missed. It was about 9 episodes! So you can imagine how the rest of the day was spend. 😛

Now I am trying to catch up on my other favourite show, House of Cards but it wasn’t as exciting as I thought. So I am watching it slowly.

I did feel a bit guilty that my room is a bit messy in the middle of the first episode of House of Cards. So I took a break after the first episodes and do a bit of clean-up. And I threw away 2 old lip-balms and an old short. yay minimalism! But I know I have not done enough especially the past couple of weeks. Self-reminder to devote more time in minimalism! 

I am happy that I finished Totto Chan! It was still a good book. It is in fact the first book I ever read. I haven’t decided what is my next book yet but I am thinking of visiting the library soon.

Sleeping time
I have been wanting to talk about this for a long time! I have been working out for weeks on the best time for me to sleep and wake up doing some productive stuffs before work. But unfortunately no matter what I tried, I still couldn’t wake up before 7.30am. On some days, I did wake up early but I fell asleep after checking my emails on my tablet. Sigh. I just couldn’t figure out how much sleep is enough or why am I feel so sleepy despite having 8 hours of good sleep. Anyway I will keep trying.


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