Tomb Sweeping Day / Ching Ming / Qing Ming 2015

Like the english translation, it is an festive when Chinese people visit the columbarium, graves or burial grounds to pray to their ancestors.

Although Singapore is a modern city, but a couple of my ancestors still have graves that was built years ago. So today is probably the only day of the whole year where I visited the “rural” part of the country! It is unfortunate not a public holiday. So we always have to do this on weekend.

Here’s what usually will happen year after year: We woke up at 5.30am. Then left the house at about 6am without any breakfast. Picked up a couple of relatives and visit the columbarium at Sin Ming area and left for a cemetery near my house. We returned home at 10am with a sweaty body and famished stomach.

My honest opinion? I don’t really like it at all! 😛 It is not really about praying to the ancestors! Rather it is the location. As you might be able to see from the one and only photo I took, The tombs are built in a messy way. I asked my mum why they are built this way. She say it is just like the houses in old days. They built with the spare space they have. As there is no direct route where you can really walk, so we have to climb from unsteady ground to another. Sometimes it means crossing over the tomb of other ancestors. I don’t like this because I don’t like passing through on unstable ground. I do a lot of walking but only when it is on straight route.


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