Itinerary planning in progress

While I am always looking forward to a holiday, I am NOT looking forward to planning an itinerary. I am usually put in charge of planning as 1) My sister is too busy (with too young kids) 2) My brother don’t bother 3) My parents don’t really know how to find information (Although they have become an expert in using Facebook and Youtube!). So in conclusion, if I do not do anything, nobody will.

My first planning was a few years back for a taiwan trip with a friend which ultimately failed. HAHAHAHA! I ended up with visiting less than half of the place I planned! The main problem was I didn’t find out how to go from one spot to another so…. we just shop around. Taipei is really full of shopping and food. I even love their convenience store! and can spend like the whole day at the bookstore! I think they should be called “shopping, eating, shopping, eating” heaven instead of Hong Kong which I sadly do not enjoy much despite going there for 3 times.

The next planning was a few years later. In between, someone else got the task or I didn’t have to. (Visit taiwan in late 2014 with a tour group. Benefit? No planning and enjoy! Negative? Too rush for everything!). It was to Hong Kong last year somewhere in April for 4-5 days. This month it was much better as we did went to most places. But with elderly, young children, it is very hard to stick to schedule when everyone look so tired. I have my personal problem so I didn’t particularly enjoy as much as I would.

Now I am again required to plan for the upcoming trip. My goal is to make sure we really visit the place. Amazingly, after visiting taiwan for two times, I still have not go to some places – e.g. National Palace Museum. It is either hit or miss. But my dad do want to go! So I am in the middle of planning. Preferably on a weekday. Just hope that there isn’t too much tourists on that day.

What I used for planning:
1) Google drive – I used Google Drive all the times at work too. It is so awesome as you can access it anytime! There is even an offline option on the mobile so when you cannot connect to data, you can still view it. Not to forget you can always share it with your travel mates if they wanted to view/edit it. Any changes is reflected instantly so you do not have to re-send when you made any changes.
2) OneNote – I used OneNote briefly for my Hong Kong Trip. It was equally useful. But somehow the application keep crashing on my MacBook. But you can access it online.
3) TripAdvisor – The one and only travel website that I visit all the times.
4) Paper & Pen – Like always, I would love to write down my thoughts. I have another purchased an fauxdori especially for this taiwan trip. It cost less than $10 (with one refill). which I would be bringing. I am definitely planning to use it all the times when I am there 🙂
5) Of course you can always google and look at someone’s blog and follow exactly 😀 I am gathering ideas but I am not following exact. I am not 100% confirmed yet. But it is unlikely I would visit other area that much.


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