Weekly roundup: Fourth week of March

Time do flies. It is now the last week!

My week begins with a very sad news when I woke up. Our founding father passed away in the middle of the night.  I cannot say I am into politics and stuffs. Other than history lessons, I don’t really read political stuffs! But I am still sad as he is indeed a great man. Without him, our nation would not be as it is. I didn’t go to pay respect to him at the PH as the whole family is sick. And my parents just wanted to go the community tribute. I really think it is really a matter of choice. It doesn’t matter if you decided to go or not. A colleague commented that it is time wasting to queue for 8 hours. Well, she shouldn’t make such comment! For things like this, there is no right or wrong! Just like personal hobby – some people think it is time wasting to spend many hours hand making a dress while others find it a joy! So do not assume what you feel applies for everyone.

Work updates
There is nothing much! But as the month goes by, things are going to start changing 😦

Minimalism, To-do etc
Again, I am down with a bad cold for 4 days. This is my fifth day and I am feeling 70% better! So there is nothing much that I have done 😦

I took an day off to source for a card for a dear colleague. And spend the rest of the day in bed as I was feeling really unwell. I knew I wasn’t feeling too well. But decided to go out anyway as I didn’t have the time. I extended my shopping a little bit so I got more sick as a result :/

I mentioned about budgeting – I tried out for a week! It was working so well…. Until I forgot about it on the last 2 days 😛 But then I was a little mess up because of the cold. But It seems useful so far!

And not done yet! 😦 The other day, I wanted to borrow books… but I forgot my identity card so I couldn’t borrow anything. I am leaving it for next week. I feel that I need to be 100% before I can start reading.

Due to sickness, amazingly, I did not get anything online for this week! Not even a urge! Hooray! I visited the stores. But being sick, I wasn’t really in the mood for shopping. But I did get some craft stuffs! I am going to do a mega post on Craft next! 😀

Continue rant on my “some clutch”… Till date I have not receive anything at all. I was communicating with them for a “re-shipment” until they disappear again. Nice. I will continue monitor the situation and rant about it. Seriously I might just do a mega post on them if it continues this way.

I am going to spend the rest of my day doing some planning!


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