I am into… craft!

Ever since I am young, I always feel that I am a good art person. I like art. Who wouldn’t. I am not exceptionally creative…. But I do fine. Until my secondary (middle) school days…. What happened was an art teacher gave me a fail grade. And guess what? I. gave. up. art. So thank you to that teacher (couldn’t remember the name). Seriously, even if my art (I can’t remember what I drawn?!) was that bad, you do not have to fail someone right. It is just so horrible to break someone’s heart. anyway, as I grow up, I stopped art. But I still do collect craft stuffs (e.g. craft punch) especially after I met a wonderful friend who is really artistic. I attempted art and craft stuffs once in a while – e.g. making silly cards. But nothing really keep my interest for a long time!

I was staring at my planner a few weeks ago and decided to input something damn useful into it. I came across a listing through Etsy by a Singaporean Miniature Maker, Pei Li. She make her own miniature which is soon cute. But I kinda stop collecting and I still do not know what to do with them. So I didn’t buy. But from her website/blog, I found out that she hold craft lesson. So I decided that this would be my damn useful thing. So I emailed her and signed up for one.

I choose a date that was 2 months away so that I could prepared for it (?! There is actually nothing I need to prepare!).

She emailed me about 4 days before my selected date to confirm. I confirmed it immediately and the day came.

After doing my researching, I decided to take a Feeder bus from Jurong East. It was MUCH longer than I imagined. I quickly texted her and she was quick to response. I finally reached 15mins later than I am supposed to. But Pei Li was very nice and told me it’s all right.

The lesson was slightly quicker than I imagined. Maybe I am still so okay at craft?! πŸ˜€

This is the end result of the craft-work.

I didn’t take any other picture as it is at her house. So it make sense that no picture should be allowed. I took this at my own home after the products are dried.

Not everything is fully completed by my hand. It is more on learning the techniques which I enjoyed πŸ™‚ I am definitely taking up another classes again. But It might be after my vacation as I need to do a lot of planning!!

That’s all for my craft lesson. Now for other craft thingy….

Daiso is really a heaven for craft & stationary stuffs!!!
I remember Pei Li mentioned about the paints, glue she used can be purchased at Daiso. But I was too sick so I didn’t manage to get them. I will visit them again at a later date.

O.m.g. pencil pouch band!

I keep seeing similar ones on Etsy. But being Etsy, they cost a lot! Yay that Daiso have them for 2bucks! They have different colours and materials. But I choose the one in canvas and pink. It fit my Plum Paper Design Planner tight. But it fit my Erin Condren notebook and Passion Planner well. I think because my PPP is rather thick.

o.m.g Planner sticker!

Again, these would cost a lot more on Etsy. I am tempted to get 5 as you never know when things run out in Daiso. Sometimes they don’t even restock. But I decided 2 is really enough.

I also saw cute charms for 5 in a pack. For 2bucks, it is much cheaper at other stores (usually cost 3bucks to 5bucks) which I am tempted to get for my fauxdori. But I didn’t find a pack where I like all 5 designs. Β And having 5 charms would be too much!

Then I saw Spotlight and thought since I am here already, I might as well go inside and see.

My eye lighted up upon seeing this!

Faux suede tassels.


Again, this is way cheaper than getting from Etsy. I saw one necklace at Etsy for 20bucks. This is without shipping. There was also a couple of packs with the mini ones. But its either not in a colour that I wanted or there is a missing one. The package stated 5. But there is only 4. I don’t know if it was removed by the store or…. but anyway I am not comfortable in getting it. So I got 3 packs of the Medium and 1 pack of the large one. I got the chain thinking I could easily put in the tassel and TADA a necklace is made. But I was wrong. These are the loops ones which means I need to find a clasp and cut it. 😦

Also I noticed that the packaging stated these are made in china but I have never seen them before. I shall try to search them online instead of getting from the store.


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