Budgeting in a cheaper way

I mentioned in my weekly roundup that I am starting a budgeting method.

Some ways that I could get it done: 
1) Buy an wallet on Etsy – Too expensive and not keeping to minimalism.
2) Mini expansion file on aliexpress – Cannot find in store. Do not want to order online yet.
3) Colour pouches on Taobao – Not keeping to minimalism goal.
4) Use paper envelope – Not colourful enough!

In the end, I went to the bookstore and found this much useful!

Soft PVC Bag/Pouch – S$1.70 for a pack of 4
Herma Label: 20x40mm – S$1.80 for 40 labels
I like that it is transparent so I could easily see the contents.

Using my all-time favourite marker – Sharpie, I labelled them accordingly. I decided to have a separate pouch for each day to streamline my budgeting! And yes, so happened that the label’s colours is exactly the same as the colour of the zipper! Make budgeting so much happier!

Beside the daily expenses, I have also category for Bill, Grocery and Misc. This is what I could think of so far.


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