Weekly roundup: Third week of March

Work updates
Nothing much this week except I received an good new. That day my boss asked me to go into my CEO’s room for a close door meeting. I was a little bit scared. I went to my CEO’s room all the time for work. But I seldom have an close door meeting. But it turn out they have decided to rise my salary. I was naturally very happy about it. With this additional money, I am planning to enrol in a couple of short courses to brush up on my HR qualification and skills 🙂 I do have something in mind but I am not sure if I will be accepted as they do have some strict requirement. It is opened to HR personnel. I am not 100% HR personnel based on my current job-scopes. One of my friends also suggested that I should take up business course. I never like business course as they are too dull. So I didn’t even consider it when I was picking an course for my degree. But of course, I feel kinda regretted 😦 I wished I knew what I want back then.

Minimalism, To-do etc
Nothing much for this week 😦 I had a personal health problem for a couple of days. I didn’t have full usage of my arm so I couldn’t do much! Unfortunately that’s also meant I neglected my planner for a couple of days again. My arm is better today (I even have my first craft lesson which I would write more about!) so I am hoping to get back into shape by tomorrow. I have guests for tonight so I would be not doing much.

But I did came up with an idea which I would start soon! I have been thinking about the way I saved. I don’t spend as much as before. But I still feel I am not saving enough. For e.g. I wanted to spend only $3.50 maximum for lunch. But I always exceeded my spend on one of those days. I would either get a drink or get expensive lunch 😦 It is okay once in a while but not every week!

Then there is this problem – stationary purchases. I always see and buy without sparing much second thoughts. Same for online purchases. Okay, I did not buy everything I see. But I am still spending. which is bad.

I suddenly thought of a wallet which I saw on Etsy – basically it has dividers which you can put cash in. It is actually an common saving method. But I just didn’t think I need another fancy wallet that cost $35! Breaking my minimalism goal at the same time. I think expansion folder would work well. So I am going to visit the bookstore tomorrow. I do remember seeing those mini folder before. Otherwise I can always use whatever I have at home 🙂

Due to the above situation, I have not complete my book – Totto Chan. But I am going to try to complete it tomorrow. I am going to visit the library and pick up some easy reading books like Agatha Christie. I have read a few last year and I enjoyed every books so much! I am trying to get more reading before I get myself busy with holiday plan. Most likely I need to plan for my family vacation again.

Online purchases, Kickstarter etc
As usual, this week I kinda wanted to buy something online. I have wanting to find a pencil case/pouch. In fact, I had one pouch in my Etsy cart ready to check out. I was attracted to the panda cute prints 😦 Then I keep reminding myself its silly as I have many pouches which work well to keep my stationaries and pencil box at home! I should really curb, curb, curb! My next urge is to buy a new short. I always buy something when I have vacation plan :p It is kinda like “I-need-something-new-cos-I-am-going-holiday” but it is silly as I do not need new things especially short. I will buy one when it is torn. On the other hand, I will get something new for the trip. I wrote about waiting for a couple of kickstarter rewards to arrive.They were from last year (before my life goal commerced :() One of them is an backpack. It should be on my way! I am going to use it for my upcoming trip!  😀

I was really excited to back an new project. It is some kinda of magnetic board which I feel would make my organisation lots easier. I thought about it for a few hours. But decided to jump in at the very last couple of days. It attracted me as it can be pasted onto any surface which is just so great for me! I need a board all the times! My current board is an D-I-Y whiteboard which I ordered through aliexpress. I pasted onto corrugated board and hang it in front of my desk. It worked well as a notice board. But it is kinda shaky and doesn’t write that well. 😦 The sticky notes also drop all the times so I have to use tapes very often. In long term it would be better as I am really saving some costs. But I think the quantity given might be too much. I would have to re-look at it again when it arrives. Most probably I am giving the rest away! 🙂

Lastly, as usual, complaints for Kickstarter/crowdfunding. I really need to curb my crowdfunding spendings as well 😦 I would work on this with my new system.

Okay, so my “some charger” actually work. I had some certification error. But it somehow still charge when I tried the second time. But, it is the most horrible charger I ever have. I leave it and it will depleted by itself. So in order to charge I have to charge it first which doesn’t make sense if I am using it as an backup/emergency charger. :/ It doesn’t cost very cheap either.  With this bad experience, I am avoiding that particular crowdfunding site 😦

My “some clutch” have not arrive. Last week, I posted an rather-lengthy comment (Nothing rude btw!). And I got an email from them in a couple of hours later. Amazing eh?
– They need hire professional customer service. The person sending email is….. 1) There is no greeting. 2) There is no signature + company details. Hello you ARE representing an company. 3) There is no response to what I want to know. 4) She/he just sounds a bit impatient.
– I still didn’t get what I want to know. I discussed with an colleague who buy stuffs online all the time. She agreed that all posts from US usually comes with a tracking.

I am very excited that I made two transactions last week! I sell online mainly to get rid of the stuffs I do not want. It is not for making an income. So I am very fussy and strict when it comes to selling. I wasn’t able to sell anything previously as I have buyer who wants to meet up and bug for discount. I wrote about why I hate meeting up previously. It is mainly because of the time wasted. So I am really happy that I have two buyers who is fine with getting their purchases mailed. It is like old time. Nobody do meet up back then 🙂 I have another buyer who bug me two times to meet up. He/she still refuses to give up when I say no for the 3rd times. It is honestly just an very light weight item so I really don’t get it why he/she cannot make my life less miserable. I was also very happy that they didn’t bargain. I have people who offer me ridiculous prices. I gladly click “decline” each time. I am not selling for the money so I am happy to wait for someone who know how to appreciate the price I set.

I mentioned that we are planning for a trip to taiwan and it is now confirmed! I am really excited as Taiwan is my favourite holiday destination ❤ We booked budget airline tickets and it cost only less than SGD400 per pax. I usually take budget if it is a short flights (less than 5 hours) but I would opt for non-budget airline if its a longer flight. Last year I took my second non-budget holiday to Australia. My first experience is of course our very own Singapore Airline which was very long ago when I was quite small. Anyway it was a awesome experience with Qantas. I would go for it again if I am visiting Australia. I feel like I need to see the rest of Australia as well 😀

Talking about this,  I have one friend who claimed that she cannot travel as she will fall sick during long distance flight or bus. It is such a pity but personally she also didn’t quite make an effort to do something to her situation. I suggested that she should see a doctor to get medicines. But she say nevermind. Oh well, it seems more like she don’t want to travel which is a little silly to me. Traveling is always good. You can see the world. Everywhere is so different. Culture, food and just EVERYTHING. Even the building are so fascinating. I was so fascinated by the old buildings I seen in Sydney. They are just so beautiful. ❤ I don’t enjoy Hong Kong when I was there for 3 times (as compare to other countries I have visited) but I do remember Hong Kong being the first country I ever visited. The neon light scenery at night is just so beautiful and always in my mind.


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