What is in my clutch?

I thought it would be fun to write a “What is in my clutch?” post!

I usually do not bring an clutch to work or anywhere else. It is kinda inconvenience not to be hand-free. And I really don’t like the idea of bringing not much stuffs (Especially umbrella!). Even if I do bring a small bag, I would tried to carry a smaller bag to put stuffs that do not fit such as my umbrella. But today I had an half day off from work so I tried to go minimal with my work bag to see if it will work!

My clutch is an handmade vegan suede clutch from Etsy. Like what I said, I didn’t have an fashion clutch previously so I feel that this is a purchase I wanted to spend. And I so happened to have some extra cash due to Lunar New Year. I am so in love with this clutch that I am really on the verge of buying a grey one in a bigger size! But of course, I am not doing it! The colour shown a very brown colour but its actually more towards a lighter brown. I don’t usually like brown but this is a awesome colour for clutch.

So what IS in my pouch today?
1) Wallet (Black Pouch) – I bought this vegan leather pouch in taiwan and I love it so much! It is my favourite pouch if I want to go light. I will just throw in my essential cards such as ATM/Debit Card and some notes into the pouch instead of using a whole wallet with all my cards. I usually avoid carrying coins but this pouch do have a good compartment to carry coins if I needed to. It actually fit very iPhone very well but a bit too tight. So sometimes, I will use it for lunch.
2) Apple devices Cables Pouch (Black Graffiti style) – I usually used this pouch to carry my Pebble(s) cable instead of my Apple devices Cables. I ditched my Pebble for normal watch today so I decided not to bring those cables. Instead I used it to carry my Apple devices cables. Even though it is only half day, but I really don’t like the idea of having no cable with me. And I have so much Apple devices that I can bring two original cables to work 😀 I kept one at home and uses other 3rd party cables at home.
3) Public Transport card (Pink Pouch) – I had to keep a separate pouch for my card. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to find the card 😀
4) Usual devices (iPhone, iPad Mini, iPod Nano) – I used to bring my Kindle too. But for this year, I kinda stop reading that much. It is simply because I seldom read on the way to work or at work (during lunch break of course). I am really very fussy when it comes to reading. I like quiet environment and in a comfortable position. So the only place I can do that is… at home! I am kinda limiting all my reading time which is bad I know.
5) Tissue – I had to carry tissue no matter where I go!
6) Daily notebook + Parker Jotter + Muji Gel Pen – I don’t bring a pencil case nowadays so I only kept two pens with me. These are my most favourite pens at the moment 🙂 And yes, I decided not to bring my planner since I am at work for half-day. I usually have the time to look at my planner only during lunch. But since I didn’t have lunch break today, so I decided not to bring my planner!

Conclusion: This is a good clutch to carry an essential amount of stuffs. But for a full day work, I am still not comfortable to go minimal yet. Maybe I can still go work without an umbrella, but I don’t think I cannot pass by a day without looking at my planner. I did think of getting a much bigger clutch to fit in my planner. But my Plum Paper Design planner (which I am switching over to in July) is really huge. I don’t think I could find one that fit! 😀


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