Weekly roundup: Second week of March

The last 3 posts are all about shopping. So I figure I do a weekly roundup as I have NOT been just shopping! 😛

Minimalism, To-do etc
Now I really think a RIGHT cup of coffee is really important in order for me to work. This morning actually noon (My nieces were here in the morning so I wasted spend my morning with them), I tried a new brand of coffee which uses Stevia. I never heard of Stevia until Breaking Bad. So I thought I will tried since nobody will poison me huh. It turns out to be the worst cup of coffee I ever drank. It is strangely way sweeter than any instant coffee I had and it doesn’t taste like coffee at all. I drank half and poured half of it away. What. a. waste.

Then I was tired and wasted the afternoon doing some shopping. oops. And finally went to take a nap and woke up at 4pm and decided I need my real coffee. So I would probably stay up till very late tonight which is bad as I prefer waking up early.

anyway, back to the topic… 
I did clear a bit of stuffs last week. I couldn’t do anything today due to the above situation. So I will try to do some minimalism later or tomorrow morning!

I had a bad week so I didn’t do much planning towards the end of the week. But I probably will catch up tomorrow. Now I started to think again… Is it a good idea to plan out the day only on the night before? I like it because it is much flexible if there is an changes of plan. But if I am in a bad mood, had an sudden engagement, Chance are I would probably skip the planning :/ But then again, planning is just a plan… There is no need to follow it blindly. Oh well, anyway I would try planning in advance for the next week tomorrow.

My day off…. 
I had an day off and went to the mall. I usually avoid the mall even on my day off but I was having a bad week. So I wanted to get out and enjoy….

I always started my day with a breakfast at MacDonald or KFC whenever I visited the mall in the morning on a weekday. Actually its more for the coffee than the breakfast itself. I will take my own sweet time sipping the coffee to think and write. In this case, I wrote about my career, my life and generally, everything!

After 1.5 hours or so, I will pack and get ready to… shop…

Nowadays, I am also keeping to a simple way of shopping by visiting only the shops I wanted. This is to minimise temptations to shop more than I needed to. But then again, It is always the best to avoid everything together.

I always visit only bookstores, Mark & Spencer, Muji & Uniglo.
For this trip I also went Tokyu Hand to see if there is any interesting there. I was immediately attracted by the range of stationaries but I was expecting much more. A bigger store maybe? I was expecting more pens and stamps. But the washi tape section is really big. I am not really into washi tapes.

I ended up with some stationaries! Believe me, this is really at a minimum level 😦 My brain was working throughout the whole trip and I cut down A LOT. e.g. I wanted to get a new pen case (Attractive colours at Tokyu Hands) but I resisted. I didn’t buy any clothes though this means something 😀 I got some books too but didn’t take a picture. There is a need to support local bookstore once in a while or they will close down.

I couldn’t resist picking up a new preppy as they have designs in Hello Kitty!! which is super adorable ❤ They have been around for a long time. But this is definitely the first time I am seeing it.  Oh well, I don’t care for pens that much last time. So I might not have noticed. It is much expensive than the regular ones. So I probably won’t be getting another one. I got a new Platinum Plaisir too. The label in the shop stated it as yellow but there was nothing yellowish about the colour. It is more like gold 😀 They are cheaper as compare to anywhere else so Tokyu Hands is a good place to get them! Yay for opening up Tokyu Hands in Singapore. Although it is smaller as compare to Japan, but I am happy to be able to get my stationaries.

I saw Pilot Kakuno too. But NBC bookshop is selling them at a cheaper price. So I didn’t get it as I went TH after that. And I wanted to go home. Also I have so many other pens. This could be save for the next time.

I got the Panda stamp at NBC though. It’s for my planner. I also picked up an Midori Travellor Insert for an fauxdori I am waiting for. I will post details of it when it arrives. Both NBC and Tokyu hand carries the insert and the notebook itself. But I am only interested at the insert. 😛 I don’t like leather notebook 🙂

Work updates
So I had a bad week at work. If you read my “About Me” section, I have been thinking on a change in my career progression. Opportunity has arisen at work but it wasn’t given to me as I didn’t have the necessary qualifications and skills. Sigh. I just feel so disappointed that people think that I am just not good enough for it. I put in so much efforts in giving the best effort in whatever I have done. But still, I am not good enough 😦 Oh well, I cannot complain much as I would be given a pay rise soon. But I am definitely looking at other options.

I managed to finish Singapore Siu Dai 2 within 2 hours. It is still funny but I agreed that book 1 is much better. It is however really a must read for all Singaporeans.  Now I am reading Totto Chan. Totto Chan is the first english book that I really enjoyed. For a couple of years I have been wanting to get the book and re-read. I finally got it last Thursday as I have 10% off for membership. I finally can re-read my favourite childhood book! 🙂 My other favourite childhood books are The Baby-sitters Club and Sweet Valley!

Well, I am still continue to get frustrated with both projects I mentioned last week. There is still no solid updates from both. In the meantime, I am waiting for the arrival of the other two projects within the next couple of weeks. I will comment more if it turns out to be as equally frustrating.


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