My first shopping experience with Etsy

Last month or so, I purchased an planner, a scarf and a vegan suede pouch/clutch all through Etsy. I am somehow addicted! But of course I am not buying everything I see. It was mainly for surfing when I am bored with Lunar New Year visitation and being in the holiday mood, I wasn’t really into “working” and I was feeling a bit  under the weather…I am learning to keep to my life goal by adding into the wish-list and not buy them instantly like what I did for my vegan suede pouch/clutch.

I heard of Etsy a few years back. I never get anything from there as it is mainly handmade stuffs which can cost a bit more than what I have in mind. Honestly I rather get cheap stuffs from Taobao/Amazon/etc. My views have changed since I begin keeping to my life goal. Buying unique and handmade stuffs certainly helps as:
1) They are handmade so it is supposedly to be much lasting! I don’t know how many times I have came across bags/pouch that was poorly manufactured that it – especially the zip breaks after using it a few times!
2) Unique. So you can’t find it elsewhere. Hence you will want to keep using it. Since you have such a unique product, why pay and buy a second thing that looks just like what everyone else have…Keep that one and unique thing you have
3) Beautiful. e.g. A notebook with your name printed on. Just so awesome that you will keep using!

What I loves about Etsy:
– It’s a HUUGGGGEEEEEEE market for vegan-friendly stuffs. Yay! It is also a larger market for you to get things all over the world. I can shop from Europe without traveling there 😛
– Buying from Etsy is quick and simple. Just select the options if any and add to the cart and check out. It is just like most online shops. You may need a paypal account as some seller uses only paypal.
– I love it that you can leave note for the seller! This is great for customising your purchases. This is very important if you need to customise/change something. (I changed the colour for my Plum Paper Design Planner and uses this to let the PPD know that I wanted something different and it was delivered as written in my note!)
– The convo is great too as it is probably the quickest way to get in touch with the seller. Great for people who don’t open up their email often. You do not need to install anything to get it works too. Unlike the “chat” thingy on Taobao. I remembered I had to install something to chat with the seller.
– It automatically calculated the shipping date for you! This is the important if you are preparing a gift!
– Tracking function within the website itself. You don’t have to open another tab on your browser just to find out the status.
– I love the app (IOS) version of Etsy. It is the best shopping app I ever use as it never crash and is a ease to shop.

What I don’t like about Etsy:
– Etsy is full of handmade stuffs but not necessary all stuffs are handmade. Seller have to listed as either Vintage or Handmade. But there are many stuffs who are neither of them. As an experienced buyer who shop on various website, I somehow can differentiate if the photos provided are really taken by the seller and whether the products are found elsewhere – Not quite handmade.

E.g. I came across the “vegan leather” clutch. Handmade?

 It look exactly like the ones on Taobao/aliexpress. Except that it is like MUCH cheaper.

Uh, I feel bad for people who actually BUY it 😦

– They aren’t very responsive to “report” issue. I reported another item (a felt fauxdori) in which the seller claimed that they “handmade” this. Which is obviously a lie as I seen the same one at Taobao. I have been checking the listing for every couple of days or so. But it has not been taken down. This kind of seller should be banned! 😦

– Maybe I too used to way Taobao listed their items. But I am missing my favourite features – Sort search result according to the no. of reviews/popularity.
– I cannot provide an review BEFORE the calculated shipping date. Which means even if I received it way earlier than the calculated shipping date, I cannot leave any review! This is a feature which I strongly feel that should be changed. Giving the buyer the ability of leaving reviews once received is really important as some buyer just somehow forget to leave an review as the calculated shipping date is too far way.
I also cannot sort reviews according to the particular design that I am purchasing. This is also one of my favourite function when surfing taobao.
– The tracking email do not show tracking details. When you clicked on it, you have to sign in to view the tracking details which is kinda troublesome if you are using an shared computer or at work.

Now for the pretty stuffs…

Vegan suede clutch/pouch
This is one of prettiest clutch/pouch I have ever come across 🙂 My bad for not reading the measurement carefully. I picked the M size. But I would love it even more if it is bigger. I was indecisive between two sellers. But I finally decided to go for this seller as she has one in tan which is way I have been looking for! Probably will go for the L size next time when I needed it again. I have all sort of pouches at home. But I don’t have one to carry out as an fashion clutch. So this is why I purchased it.

Burgundy Viscose Scarf
I always wanted to buy a really good scarf that doesn’t really break the bank. This doesn’t really break the bank but it wasn’t as cheap either. But I am really happy with it as it is so pretty. It was shipped all the way from Greece! This will be my one and only scarf. I have a few others at home. But they weren’t really scarf as they are all too thin. I am going to throw them away once a hole started to appear.

Plum Paper Design Planner
More details would be posted in the next post. And yes, if you noticed. I changed the colour from this to this. 😀


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