My first order with Plum Paper Design

Ok, so I mentioned a few times in the previous posts that I purchased an Plum Paper Design Planner from Etsy!

A quick recap on why I ordered another planner that run from July 2015 to Dec 2016:
1) I keep waiting for a planner that was delayed for 1.5 months!! Crowdfunding. 
2) When it finally arrived, I no longer feel the passion to plan/use the planner. And during that period of waiting, I could not get much stuffs done. So I really need a planner!!
3) To avoid facing such problems again, I decided to secure a planner WAY earlier than I needed to avoid having an unorganised life!! 

So I placed an order last month and it arrived 2 days ago. It took only 7 days to reach my house in Singapore using UPS Mail Innovation which is very fast!

They mentioned that “International shipments cannot be tracked through the number below. The number that appears below only applies to domestic orders. If you would like an updated tracking number after 48 hours from this email, please contact customer service.”

I didn’t do that as I was able to track the parcel throughout the whole process.

It was shipped in the new box like they posted on Facebook.

I choose the butterfly design and changed the colour scheme. I used my real name so I don’t feel comfortable in showing it 😛

I am really happy that Plum Paper Design is really flexible in customising the planner! And…. this is a feature you do not have to pay for. So feel free to change it to the way you like it!

Now for the add ons:

I added on another USD9 for additional 6 months so this will cover up to 2016! Safe and secure for the whole year.

I added on another $3.50 each for 2 pages to be dispersed evenly throughout each month rather than all placed at the very back of the planner. I selected notes and to do list as these are the features I would be using extensively.

I added on some stickers for USD5. It was really cheaper to get 4 sheets. And I figured out I would need to use a lot of it during the 18 months anyway!


Happy that my EC band fitted into the planner so well. It just so happened that the colours match perfectly! So yay nothing is wasted. (But I have another extra pack as they shipped wrongly to me :/)

The planner look beautiful. But it is rather huge and heavy as compare to my current planner (Passion Planner). I might need some getting used to it and I need to carry bigger bag!

I cannot comment on other stuffs such as the functionality, durability etc But I will edit this post when I started using it 🙂


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