My first Erin Condern order

I only heard about EC about 3 weeks ago. It was suggested by some people on PP Facebook, Instagram etc. So I went to visit the online shops. I love it when you can get things online…. and they ship worldwide!! I don’t know about last time – but I came across a random blog that says they don’t ship to Singapore. Now they do which is just so awesome!

I decided to get their notebook as I really need one for a personal project of mine. Due to shipping, I decided to get another notebook for myself.

It cost USD19.95 to ship worldwide. A bit expensive if you just get a notebook…. but hey it is a long distance! So I ordered two notebooks and some accessories. I got USD10 coupon off for signing up as a new member. Go to their Facebook and fill up a survey and get 15% discount code! I am so going to place another order in April!! 😀

Order Status
There was a pretty colourful chart that provide the different stages. It appears after your order has been placed. I tried finding everywhere but I didn’t see the same chart on their website… anyway I “stalked” my order everyday. The estimated date given was 19 Feb

12 Feb: Due to time differences, it was on “pending” for few hours. Then it went to “designed” stage after the business hours commerced. It is probably due to that someone has viewed my order and has processed it.
13 Feb: “Printing”
14 Feb: Still “Printing”
15-16 Feb: Still “Printing”
17 Feb: “Printed”
18 Feb: Still “Printed”
19 Feb: Shipped! yay!

They really do ship on time! Yay! But then it might be because this is not the peak period as most people would have gotten their life planner.

+ I like that you can customise your name and add in photos (for some designs). I don’t usually customise my things with my name as my official name is very Chinese. I do not have an official English name at all. Anyway since it is a personal notebook, I customised with an English name that I have been using. I choose an design with cursive writing so it doesn’t look so obvious if someone who doesn’t know my “other name” see it. Complicated? 😛 Btw it is not Valerie. I used Valerie so that it is easier to remember. The “other name” was a name that my middle school friend came up with. And 50% of the people I met do not know how to pronounce it. So I ended up being called by the short form of the name (Val) which happens to be the same as Valerie. But other than wordpress, Kickstarter, Amazon and a couple of forums, I never identity myself as Valerie. LOL. Okay, point is…. It is very unique! Even unique if it is your real name and you can show it off HAHA! Maybe I will customise another one with my real name. 😀
+ The design are so pretty! I like all kinds of notebooks. I got cheap ones. I got expensive ones (moleskine) and pretty notebooks always attract me!
+ The covers are changeable. I uses so many notebook at one time…. maybe because I was sick of the cover? I like it that you can change cover as and when you wanted to. You have to order new ones of course.

– The price is really expensive. I told my friend from China about this. She was like huh. why would you need to get a notebook that cost 60bucks (8.5″ x 11″ + accessories + shipping)! But then again, it is all about customising!
– More sizes! I am now carrying a small 3.5 x 5.5 notebook as my everyday-notebook. I don’t know if I will get used to the size. I would love to get one in smaller size!

Now for the actual reviews with photos!! I only took photos for one of the notebooks as the other one is really for a private project of mine. So I am not quite comfortable in showing the details. But I will comment on it too. Just no photo!

Firstly, there IS a lot of accessories missing. I ordered the bands for both sizes, snap on to-do, 3 pen holders and 2 extra dividers. And half of the stuffs are missing?!! I originally thought it was enclosed in the notebook or I accidentally miss it in the box. So I search and search… but it is really missing. Not really impressed as I didn’t order A LOT of things? It wasn’t hard if you just tick off what you packed? haha. I never have such problem with other online retailers. :S But then I was expecting this as some customers commented about it on Facebook. Anyway, of course I contacted them through the online form. Some US customers are saying on Facebook that they didn’t have hotline support so its really frustrating. I don’t usually like to call up anyway. So I am fine with this kind of support. Hope they will get back soon. I don’t need them urgently though.

So I received my reshipment a couple of days ago. And….not only there is still missing item (snap on to-do). I also received a wrong size for my band 😦 I didn’t ask if I need to send them back but I don’t think I need. anyway I am going to receive an second reshipment. Hope everything is finally in order again.

Anyway, seriously EC need to triple check their shipping! I can get it if there is a lot of things to be shipped. But this? I just don’t understand how it could happen.

My mum and I are both impressed by the packaging. It is just so pretty. This is the first time I get really beautiful box from buying things online 🙂

For the first time buyer? 🙂 I received some gift labels. I found some more in one of the notebooks. Keeping this for future use! Then I received an coupon for 10%. It said it never expires. So I am keeping it and using it for the next next purchase – a life planner? My next purchase would be using the 15% discount code from Facebook. 🙂

They tried wrapping everything up? But it wouldn’t fit. I took picture of the side that was completely wrapped. The other side is kinda torn. Not pretty. Beside the wrapped purchase is the valentine t-shirt which I got for free as I spend $119. Luckily I am petite for clothes as they have only small left. I like it that they rolled up the t-shirt with a ribbon. Totally like a gift! ❤ “Gift” it to my mum as I have way too many t-shirts.

7″ x 9″ on-the-go notebooks

I was having choice problem as most designs are beautiful. But then, like what I said previously, I wanted something in cursive. So I picked this in rainbow stripe! It is so colourful. I am rather into colourful stuffs now as it certainly help in organisation and planning! sorry I blocked my customisation name. 😛 It is in white cursive. Beautiful and not too obvious which is why I picked that. I am not going to comment about the cover and the papers. There are tons of great blogs and videos out there. I am not an expert in these either. But I certainly love laminated cover. It certainly make the notebook look brighter, classier and much more lasting! I will probably update when I actually write in it. I currently don’t feel like writing as it is too beautiful to write.

After I started minimising, I am very mindful of what I spend and I absolutely hate things that are sold in pack. I consider for a long time and finally decided to buy anyway. I would need a band as I would use my notebook excessively and I don’t want anything fall out! And…. I am so glad the band fit on my Passion Planner. I am going to use this instead of the rubber band. Hope it will fit my Plum Planner too 🙂 (It look like it will) so all 3 would be used up!

These stickers are so colourful. They would great for planning. I might not use it on my notebook though. I am keeping for my more beautiful planner in July 🙂

I loves these “Keep it together” pocket. I currently have problem storing receipts. I am trying to set up a system where I recorded all my spends. I couldn’t put in my wallet as I will forget about it and will NEVER record. My daily notebook is too compact and doesn’t not have such place to store receipt. Then the one from Passion Planner is so flimsy so it might break anytime and I feel like things will just fall out of it. So I could only put my post-it note inside.

For EC notebook, they had another zip pouch which is so good for keeping thicker things like post it notes, tapes, stickers! 😀

Now for the size, this notebook is really good for to-go. Originally I am worried about it being too big as I am too used to compact size. But I have been using my PP which is about the same size. Somehow I gotten used to it. I think it looks awesome too if you carry it with your hands.

Overall, I am impressed with the notebook. It is beautiful, well-made and great functionality. For this price, it seems like it would be a great notebook. It has to be! HAHA, I will update more when I finally start writing.

8.5″ x 11″ spiral notebooks
In the video, Erin introduced the notebook as a good tool for student. It would work great for personal projects too. For me, I ordered one for a writing project of mine. This year, I begin to find pleasure in writing down things on paper & pens 🙂

What I particular like is the ability to add on divider which is particularly great for the writing project I am working on. And the back? It contains a dry eraser board. This is good for note-taking…You don’t want waste paper 🙂

I did what Erin suggested in the video – sharpie + wet wipe. But the ink didn’t come off completely. Maybe my wet wipe is not that good. I uses this baby wipe for cleaning the table 😛

Lastly, the size.. I cannot imagine bringing this out as this is just too heavy. But this is really excellent on your desk. 😀



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