Experiencing with everyday bags – Part 2

This is a continuation from Part 1:https://ihavetoomuchstuffsongoing.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/experiencing-with-everyday-bags/ in which I talk about experiencing with using ONE bag throughout the whole week for work.

Many weeks later…
[excuses mode switched on] During the weeks of Lunar New Year holiday, I switched around the bags a lot. So I haven’t been sticking to one bag. So last week, I was doing some follow up minimalism and decided to throw away a couple of bags. My mum saw one of the bags and asked me what is wrong with this bag? It looks fine. I explained to her the original faux leather used as a drawstring to this particular bag is peeling. So I pulled it out and the bag does not look nice with the missing hole.

It so happened that the other bag that I am throwing have the exact opposite problem. The “drawstring” is made of something fabric hence it is still intact. Whereas the bag itself was peeling…. due to the fact it is made of faux leather.

// sidetracked 
Well, I admit I was a fan of Juicy Couture since I saw them in my teenager years. They didn’t have a store in my country that long ago. It was only recent years that they set it up. I have been wanting to own one. But back then, all the stuffs that are available in the market are mainly non-authentic. Even though I didn’t have the money, but I didn’t want to carry fake stuffs! Recent years, when I start earning some decent money, I realise I can get JC online. After all these years?? It wasn’t cheap but it was okay for someone who earn a decent money. I was also very happy to know they made the daydreamer (a dream bag since my teenager days)… in nylon. I mentioned a couple of times in my post. Anyway, I avoided real leather whenever I can! So I got one….. and I kinda hate it when people lean against my JC. Sorry a pet peeves that I can’t seem to get rid of! So I seldom use this bag for work….It was really sad when the bag started to peel.  😦 My dear JC is the second bag. And whatever happened to it? I threw it away last week. This bring me to a sidetracked topic. What is more important when you sourced for a bag? I begin to realise branded bags doesn’t matter. What is a dream bag if it cannot last you a lifetime?! What matters is the material it was used to manufactured the bag! Nylon, canvas, cotton are awesome material that I love. They may not look classy but at least they last!

After a while, she present the below for me. Introducing the renewed bag…

This is a playboy bag that I got from Hong Kong a few years back. I was attracted by the fact it was cheap and does not have real leather. This is what I call a lasting bag. Everything still looks great except for the long gone drawstring. But my mum recreate this using the drawstring from my no-longer-a-dream-JC daydream bag.

Now for the functionality…. I mentioned about canvas. This is made of canvas. Somehow it still look classy with the monogram print. I know not everyone agrees with the brand. I don’t care for the brand but rather for the functionality which surpasses many bags I have. It lasted many years like what I have mentioned.

I carried on days where I am wearing pants with shirts, formal dress, skirts etc. It looks great in every outfit.

And it is very big so I can carry anything with it!

So my conclusion is… between the 3 bags that I have tried, this is the best and definitely a keeper!


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