Weekly Round-up: First week of March

I think I am going to do a weekly round-up of my life with thoughts cluttered in my brain. Depending on how cluttered my brain has been, it could happen weekly or occasionally. This week happened to be one of those week that I am completely cluttered! Being a random post, it will be long and boring. If you want to be bored with details of my life, please read on! 🙂

Work updates
I had a new challenge this week! So there was some restructuring and people had to go. And finally the company decided to increase my pay! yay! But it is not happening soon. It will be probably taken place in the next two months. So I am stuck & on a slight pause for my jobs-searching. I would have a better position to negotiate for a better pay after my increment. Sigh. This is not what I wanted. But hey something good is happening.

So my challenge was to learn new stuffs. I have been asked to sit in board meetings to take notes etc. They are lengthy but interesting as I get inside information. 😀 I understood most of the stuffs rather well. But detecting the important points is really a challenge! Again, this is not what I wanted as this is not my speciality. But I always find a pleasure to learn new stuffs. I do love any job related to writing 🙂

Minimalism & To-do
I haven’t update much on my minimalism because there isn’t much. I admit I have been a little slower again. I was busy with my job as there was some informations I wanted to find out and some decision to make. It’s all done. Then I wanted to focus on getting some tasks done. Which brings me to…..
Is it really important to get things done as scheduled? I keep questioning this lately. My planner has been used to write down on tasks, to-do’s, reminders etc. Sometimes I cannot get things done and I feel the frustration. I put them down and look at it everyday! Why it has not been done! E.g. I had this “start eating vitamin C” on my planner for two weeks. I have not touch it. This is frustrating because I  have 3 bottles of it! I need to try to finish it before it expires. I saw an quote a few days ago about life isn’t about ticking off your to-do. But I feel that it is important to get things. Maybe I will take things slower and decided if 70% are done then it is fine. On the other hand, I feel very happy that I am using my planner very diligently. I did not use the additional stuffs such as goal setting yet. I doesn’t feel the passion to do that because of the delay in delivering the planner. But it would be probably a good tool for future! I also made a point to track my spending using the calendar function starting from March. which is so useful so far! 😀 My current workflow for the planner is I will write down the stuffs for the next day only. I find it much useful as I don’t have to make much changes. I did consider buying the erasable pilot pen but I decided not to as I have way too much pens!

Ok back to my minimalism. I managed to clear one bag of keychain/keitai straps today. yay! I kept some but post majority up for selling. It probably will not be sell soon. But I might do a promotion in a month or so just to get rid of them. Otherwise I might consider giving it to friends or even throw it away 😀 I need to continue work on my minimalism first thing tomorrow. Writing this to my planner now.

On the same topic, I haven’t been good 😦 I know I have make some spend that I shouldn’t… again.  I will talk about it when I reviewed the stuffs. But I am still happy that I am still spending a lot lesser than before. And I still didn’t make a purchase every single time I wanted to. On other hand, I know I have been spending too much time on etsy  (days when I am bored). I will have to cut down!  My problem was I spend TOO MUCH time browsing these websites (not just Etsy) and wasted time. Not only I was breaking my minimalism goal, I also wasted time. So I need to stop!

Online purchases
Woohoo. Plum Planner was shipped. 10 days earlier than estimated. I received an notification in the middle of the night. I did hear it and thought PP is shipped. It was indeed when I check in the morning! 😀

Lengthy stuffs on the campaigns I am supporting/supported….

So I kinda decided that I would get Pebble Time as it is all colour! Which Pebble fan will miss that? Ya It kinda break my minimalism goal :/ anyway, it’s EXCITING! Being an Apple fan too (I have iPod Nano, iPhone 5S, iPad Mini & MacBook Pro!), it is kinda an hard decision to make. But I usually goes for SECOND generation for apple stuffs. 😀 which is why my iPhone is an ‘S’. At this stage, I am not all very fascinated by apple watch although it would a fabulous watch for apple fan like me. But anyway, they release a Pebble Time STEEL last week. which is again exciting! I love the gold frame on the red one. But I am not a fan of the leather band :/ I wish there was some options to take out the choice of that. Sigh. I am still indecisive on this. But being KS, I have 18 days to decide! 😀

My “some clutch” which I mentioned in a few posts down is not here yet. Others in the international zone did received theirs including one from my home country. The Kickstarter creator just dodge all questions on tracking number which is very dodgy to me. A simple email to them asking for tracking code was avoided with no response. While they can log in every other day, send mass emails, update their social feeds, they just simply refused to provide answer that their backers need. This is frustrating but since we are on Kickstarter, there is really nothing much we can do. But by providing such “customer service” to your backers, it really say a lot about your company. Sure, Passion Planner was in a messy state. But as compare, I feel that they at least try to make some amendment. They may not be perfect but at least they are sincere. I might not go back to them again due to the bad experiences. But as compare, I would safely say I would NEVER go back to this company again for the crappiest customer service I ever experienced.

Talking about crappy customer service, do crowdfunding startup always have these problems? I am also experience such problem on my other crowdfunded “card charger”. thingy. Upon receiving it, I was shocked to know it is not even certified so it does not work. I send an email. No response. So USD31 is kinda throw into the junk. Absolutely disappointed.  I might as well as get some cheapskate charger from Taobao. Sigh.

I am happy to finally finish The Two Towers! I STILL have not set an target for 2015 yet as I wanted to do more stuffs than just reading. But I need to speed up on my reading. My target was 50 last year and I think I hit 40. I probably need to visit the library soon and grab some easy reading books like agatha christie 😀

Vacation plan
We are planning on a trip for taiwan which is so exciting. Taiwan is my favourite country, ever. Well, I don’t have much to compare. But Taiwan is in the top! I love the food, the people, the scenery, EVERYTHING! Taiwan is really a heaven for me – a vegetarian, book and stationary lover, coffee lover, handmade & craft lover. I just have to make sure I stick my minimalism by then! Because taiwan is also  heaven for cheap clothes, bags and shoes!

Social – not?
This is a topic I would wanted to write in-depth. But for now, let me just type out whatever I think of.

Last week, I saw an topic on reddit singapore sub-section. (There is a singapore section on reddit!!). Someone posted a discussion that he couldn’t have any social life as he is not earning much. He is not earning much, so he cannot spend much. So he cannot go out and socialise?

I actually find it okay? I don’t have much social life as much as I wanted to. It is partially due to the fact that I am not earning much also. But it is also because I feel comfortable this way. It sounds sad and depressing but it is perfectly fine with me. I lived by this for most of my adult life. Not everyone have to be the social butterfly!

Firstly it really depends on what you like. If it is something you enjoyed doing alone or indoor. There is no need for you to get out. Of course you should get out once in a while. I do a lot of walking on weekdays. and I keep my outdoor activities to a minimum on weekends. My parents don’t talk about this. But I know they think they have a weird daughter 🙂

Secondly, It is much important to enjoy what you enjoy doing rather than being in something you find awkward or bored. I likes to hang out with friends. Friends. Not strangers. Of course I will make a point to know new people once in a while. But not all the times.

Lastly, to each his own. Personally, my life (now) is more focusing on getting things done/to-do/task, organising, minimalism, writing, reading and doing/learning new things (indoor mainly). I just don’t have the energy, money or time to spend on other stuffs. Maybe my life will change when things changes. But for now, this is for the best 😀 Also I don’t find any outdoor activities interesting. If I go to a mall, I will have temptation to break my goal. So I might as well avoid them. I will only go if I need to. I don’t want spend much on stuffs like clothes, bags, food etc. In Singapore, there is really nothing much you can do.



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