A new desk for minimalism

I just discover one excellent technique that I thought I would share.

Recently, I purchased a new desk online as my old desk was really getting mouldy and I really want a clean desk!

I got it online as I couldn’t find one in store. I didn’t take note of the measurements. I only made sure it is not too long, so I was only looking at the width.

After fixing the desk, I realise it was smaller than I thought! But it was really my own fault for not taking note of the measurement.

I begin filling the desk with my stationaries. Of course not all could fit. The size like 70% of my original desk. But hey it is good chance for me to some minimising again 🙂

I threw some stuffs and re-tidied my cupboard. Although I didn’t make a huge change by throwing a lot of stuffs, but I guess little bit helps. So my conclusion is that… buying a smaller furniture would probably help.



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