I need a planner!

Warning. I started to realise this is becoming a very lengthy post 😀

At the beginning of the year, I continued to “organise” myself by decluttering, minimising etc. By doing that, I uses paper and pen often to jot down thoughts, to do etc!

I was not quite into planner as they ended up un-use often. While surfing (an habit I have quitted) kickstarter, I came across Passion Planner. I was impressed by the results it promised. It is definitely something I would need…especially for this year! So I backed the project.

Now, here’s come the “best” part – I am still waiting for my planner. I was expecting it to be here by 31 Jan. However, it is still not here after ELEVEN DAYS. To add on to the frustration, I do not even know if it has been shipped? I don’t want to go into too much details in this post. But my point is…. I NEED MY PLANNER! Yes there is PDF available for printing. But it just don’t work for me. I took out my notebook everyday when I arrived at work. Depending on how busy I am, I may/may not write anything in it. But the print-out? I just don’t like working with it. It is not the same for me! I didn’t even bother taking out for the last couple of weeks or so. :/ It somehow don’t give me the feeling of doing passion planning.

I am really really tempted to get a new planner….. but…..
1) tools4wisdom – Some people say the format is just like PP. I don’t like their design and I don’t like that it is spiral-bounded notebook. Anyway I tried checking out as it ship to Singapore (Through Amazon)….. BUT It cost extra 20bucks!!! So obviously it doesn’t make sense to ship it over. And it will takes like a few days so it would be by end of Feb when I received it.
2) Erin Condern – I heard of Erin Condern only a couple of days ago! The planner is beautiful as it is customisable! But it will again takes time. It cost USD50. And shipping again will cost extra 20bucks! Sigh this is so what I am getting next year! However while surfing at Erin Condern, I came across their customisable notebook. I went ahead and order 2 (one for starting up a special writing project and one for myself as a daily notebook). Well, if I do not get my PP (which really is taking forever) at least I have a nice notebook to write on? I got an discount code for filling up a survey (from Facebook :)). But I saw this AFTER I placed my order. While I am trying not to be tempted to place another order (planner?), I wanted to note this down in my planner on the expiry date. But then I suddenly remember I do not have any planner to write anything 😦 Anyway I probably should wait until I get my order to place another order.
3) Plum paper is often being compared to Erin Condern. I probably will not buy from them anytime soon since I got the discount for EC. But probably after my notebooks from EC is  all used up? LOL. Of course their planner look beautiful too. But the processing time is just too long. By then I probably should (might/hopefully have) a copy of PP.
4) Personal Planner – I came across this company via instagram that I am actually really tempted by this! I love the ability to customise and change the starting month accordingly! So I will get the full use of 12 months! They ship worldwide for FREE. So I am seriously considering this if I still do not get anything by next week or so!
5) Tiny Me – Again, beautiful customisable planner!!
6) LetterLoveDesign – This is another shop on Esty. It has a much cheaper rate (as compare to Plum Design). I am so tempted.
7) Kikki K – I always love their shop (We have an outlet or two here! :D) but never really buy anything as it’s not cheap. I read an online review of their leather-bound planner and went to their website and see…. it’s beautiful!!! But then I hate it that it is made from real leather! They have other design too but not in the un-dated version. My dream planner would probably be something like the leather-bound one but not real leather please. Maybe I will go visit the store and find out more about the material.
8) Frankie – Frankie is my favourite magazine from AU. I don’t buy every issue as it is rather costly. Anyway I always forgot they release a pretty planner every year. I wanted to buy it for this year but never got around to ordering it and I ordered the PP anyway!

I am going to update this post everyday whenever I do not get the planner. No, I am not going to b**ch on it on their KS, Facebook, Instagram. So many people have done that. 

13 Feb – didn’t get it!
Today is end of the week. So if I don’t get, another week is going to waste….

14-15 Feb – Of course I didn’t get it! Postman don’t work on weekend at my side of the world. Lucky them!
I keep thinking about my planner problem. I wanted to get a cheap planner as I was visiting a local bookstore chain for pens. But I didn’t want to buy although some of them is cheap at S$3.95 but its look crappy.

anyway I shouldn’t keep procrastinating just because I don’t have a planner. So I went to my drawer and dig out an un-dated planner. I shall use it until I get my PP. (I should have done this a long time ago…)

16 Feb – STILL have not get this….
So today at work, when my laptop is loading very slowly… I went to surf Plum Paper Design again. I didn’t notice it before. Now I have noticed it… I made a new decision again. Not wanting to be troubled by my planner problem next year, I decided to get a planner from them! What I didn’t notice before was the ability to select your starting month. So I selected July and I added on another 6 months for extra cost of course 🙂 So if I am correct, it would cover all the way till Dec 2016! I included extra to-do and note page for each month and stickers. With all the add-on options it added up to be about USD65.20 with USD19.75 for shipping. I got a discount code from Facebook and I was able to get 10% off. I was tempted to get another notebook or planner as the shipping IS expensive. But I decided not to spend on things I do not need! As for the planner, I would still need one for next year. Oh well, save me the trouble of finding one…. As for PP, I haven’t try using it yet (obviously). But with all the trouble of getting one, even if they have the option of letting people pre-order early, I doubt I would return to it again.

The PPD planner would start from July 2015 as I wanted to have ample time for it to be ready and shipped over. The ordering page on Etsy stated it would take 3-4 weeks to process and then probably another 2 weeks for shipping. And the date in my account say it would ship by 31 March. At the same time, I also wanted to make full use of my PP so I selected the last month possible which is July. Now it is just waiting for my PP to arrive. and then once its time, I will switch over to this or maybe try to use both planner!


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