Pen Review #2

My recent pen obsessions are from Muji, one of my all-time favourite shops for the lack of branding on their products! Their stationaries are so so so awesome. I always buy something when I visit the stores. So I am really trying to avoid Muji as much as possible! These pens are bought very long ago though.

The first pen is an inexpensive ballpoint pen that cost $1.90 (SGD) and it is Made in Japan. I haven’t notice this in the store but the online catalog shown that the refill is available at $1.60 (SGD) which is super awesome!

It is 0.7mm and write very smoothly! I have been using this at work instead of the regular lousy ballpoint pens my office supplied.

Not being able to read Japanese, I bought this because I thought this is the fountain pen I was looking for. I cannot remember the price but I remember it was one of most expensive pens I bought! The online catalog no longer show this. Not sure if they still carries the refill. I didn’t quite like this pen actually. I have to write really hard to get the ink out? I remember using it during my exam and it was a bit frustrating! Maybe I will write a bit more with this pen and eventually get used to it. I just hope Muji is still selling the refill 😛



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